The Best MLM Opportunity – Are You In Search of One?

best mlm opportunityYou may be looking for the perfect, or the best MLM opportunity where you live, or where your target market lives. You may be surprised at the answer to that question – so read on…

We all want the same things in life – health, wealth and happiness. Yes, our definitions differ.

Some of us want a bigger house than the next marketer, and some of us want to spend more time travelling than the next successful person.

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5 Reasons why You Should NOT Join an Old School MLM Opportunity

old school mlmPeople promoting old school MLM opportunities will tell you that success in network marketing comes from selling a good product at a good price, and from good old fashioned hard work. Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple…

Allow me to explain:

Firstly, an “old school” MLM opportunity is one that doesn’t provide you with online tools for promoting and recruiting.

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Are You Marketing Your Opportunity To the Right MLM prospects?

right MLM prospect“The right MLM prospect?” It may sound like a stupid question but really – are you marketing your opportunity to the right MLM prospects? It may sound weird, but please hear me out – it’ll be worth it.

You see, most network marketers simply dive in, and start presenting their new MLM opportunity to anyone who is willing (and often not willing) to listen. To them, “the right MLM prospect” is someone who wants to make extra money, and anything else is irrelevant…

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RAIN MLM Review – What You Should Know About RAIN International

rain mlm reviewThere’s a lot of talk around the RAIN International opportunity at present – and rightly so. This RAIN MLM review is the result of my in-depth explorations about the company, the products, and the opportunity.

Firstly, let’s talk about the company:

Rain International was launched in 2009 by a team of people who had more than 40 years of combined network marketing experience.

Between them, they have worked in more than 30 countries, exposing them to a vastly diverse range of economic- and market conditions.

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What You Can Do Differently About Your MLM Business in 2017

mlm business in 2017They say that if you keep doing the same things, you can expect the same results. In order to grow your MLM business in 2017, you may need to make some changes…

Regardless of where you are at in your MLM career, there is always room for improvement.

In some cases, those improvements can involve drastic changes, and in other cases it may simply be a case of honing your existing skills, and transferring more of those skills to your team members.

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How to Grow Your MLM Business Fast – faster than your upline

grow an mlm business fastWhen you want to grow an MLM business fast, especially if you want to grow it faster than your upline, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1. Network marketing success is about numbers. Unfortunately, most people think it’s about the number of recruits.

It’s not. It’s about the numbers on your commission cheque. Contrary to what most people believe, these two are not necessarily related.

Allow me to explain…

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How to Become a Network Marketing Authority

network-marketing-authorityHow do you become a network marketing authority? Most people would think that it will require years and years of experience, and building a massive passive income over the space of many years. The reality, though, is quite different from that…

Whether you are viewed as a network marketing authority or not, will depend not on what you have achieved, but on how other people view you. It’s all about perceptions.

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How to Explain MLM Business to Someone Who Never Heard About It Before?

explain mlm businessWhen you try to explain MLM business principles to someone who never participated, or never dealt with it before, it’s easy to run into the old excuse of “this sounds like a pyramid scheme…”

However, if you know how to present it to the prospect, it’s usually relatively simple to overcome the objection.

Firstly, any business is, in essence, the same. It offers a product, which has to be bought, stored, shipped to customers, and promoted.

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Personal Development In a Toxic Environment – 4 Shocking Facts

Personal DevelopmentMLM and personal development go hand in hand. A part of the road to success in network marketing is the quest for self improvement, which in turn allows you to achieve greater success in any venture you pursue.


If you find yourself in a toxic environment, your efforts to better yourself may be laid to waste. So – what classifies as a toxic environment?

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Bad MLM Habits: These 5 Habits Will Absolutely KILL Your Business

bad mlm habitsThere is one big reason why most people fail at network marketing: Bad MLM habits. You see, success – in any business – comes from doing the right things over and over again.

Unfortunately adding “the wrong thing” to the way you do things can render all your efforts useless – just like adding one wrong ingredient to a recipe can ruin the food.

Listed below are – in my opinion – the 5 top “bad MLM habits”. Any of these can ruin your MLM career – so be careful to avoid them.

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