How to Follow Up With Old MLM Prospects and Make Them Join Your Business

old mlm prospectsMany network marketers never follow up on their old MLM prospects, or if they do, they go about it all wrong.There are two sides to the proverbial coin, so you may want to keep the following in mind:

1. Your old MLM prospects turned you down (regardless of how long ago it was) for a reason. It may be that they didn’t understand or accept the concept, or it may be that they had unrealistic expectations, or maybe they simply weren’t willing to commit their money and effort.

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5 Powerful MLM Recruiting Secrets To Explode Your Team

MLM Recruiting SecretsMLM recruiting is hard for most people – that’s why a few people actually achieve any real success in network marketing.

However, a simple change in mindset will make the world of difference in your MLM recruiting efforts:

You want the BEST people for your business.

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How to Convince Your Network Marketing Prospects They Will Make Money If You Are New

Network Marketing prospectsAt first, it was to find Network Marketing prospects – people to present your business opportunity to. Now, you have them, a lot! What next? This time, it’s how to convince your MLM prospect that they will make money when you are new and not making any money.

Ready to convince your Network Marketing prospects?

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Top MLM Blogs 2016 – How I Made The List

Top MLM BlogsThe Top MLM blogs 2016 list was compiled by fellow network marketing blogger Erik Christian Johnson.

He used data from Alexa and MOZ to determine the order of rankings, and took into account both the actual traffic figures from Alexa, and Google’s perception of the domain authority for each blog – which he got from MOZ.

So – how did I manage to get on the top MLM blogs list?

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Online Sales Pro vs MLSP

Online Sales Pro vs MLSPWhen you compare Online Sales Pro vs MLSP, a number of interesting facts stand out. While these might not be important you, they might be important to many of your prospects, and any one of these differences might just be the deciding factor.

So – when you compare Online Sales Pro vs MLSP, this is what you find:

Mobile facilities:

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MLM Lead Generation System – Is Your’s a Distraction?

mlm lead generation systemMLM lead generation system! We all need some type for online recruiting.

As the market becomes more and more competitive, we have to improve and adapt to the demands of the day.

Unfortunately, what we see as an improvement often becomes a distraction, and ends up costing more money than it generates.

Allow me to explain:

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In Search of the best MLM Lead System?

best mlm lead systemFor me, finding the best MLM lead system was a long and complicated journey. I knew what I needed and wanted, but finding something that did exactly what I wanted was a different matter.

Why did I need an MLM lead system in the first place?

After all, you may argue, someone with my experience should be able to simply sign people up.

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Online Sales Pro And Scam Review

Online Sales ProLooking for Online Sales Pro Review? Well, after having used OSP for a while, it is time to offer an objective review – for those who are considering investing in it.

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Why You Need an MLM Prospecting System

mlm prospecting systemMany people don’t even realize they need an MLM prospecting system. They simply work and work, or keep on paying to send visitors to the company’s landing pages, and eventually become discouraged with the lack of results.

There are a few things they fail to take into consideration (if they do it the old way):

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    Ray Higdon – The Truth About Him Revealed

    Ray HigdonIn this network marketer review of Ray Higdon, we see an interesting phenomenon. Originally from a business background in real estate investment, he appears to have a very interesting approach.

    Keep in mind as you read the following review –  never “failed”. It seems he was never the “struggling network marketing professional”. He also never did it part time.

    That does not, however, take anything away from the fact that what he teaches works, and is based on common sense and business logic:

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