My Review of Eric Worre – Author of Go Pro

Eric Worre

Eric Worre – Many people have written about his book “Go Pro”, but not many people have ever done a review of Eric Worre himself – the man behind the book. There is a lot to tell, so…

An objective review of Eric Worre:

Having spent most of his twenty five years in network marketing as a distributor, Eric brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge.

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Attraction Marketing – Does it Still Work?

Attraction MarketingMany people wonder if attraction marketing has withstood the test of time. Does it still work? After all, things are changing rapidly in the age we live in, and even more so on the internet.

The short answer: Yes, it still works – now more so than even before. But first, a quick overview of what it is:

Attraction marketing is an inbound promotional model based on the premise that providing value to others will, in turn, attract people to you.

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Should You Recruit Friends and Family?

 recruit friends and familyIf you have ever tried your hand at network marketing, you were most probably told to recruit friends and family

yeah, right…:)

Let’s get this straight:

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The Secret Facebook Prospecting Formula For Recruiting In Network Marketing

Facebook ProspectingFacebook prospecting for MLM doesn’t need to be difficult. If you do it the wrong way, you could make it difficult for yourself, but there is an easy, logical way to do it.

Before you start Facebook prospecting, always remember this: NEVER mention the name of the company or opportunity you are promoting in your social posts (or messages).

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How To Beat The Challenges of Building Network Marketing on Facebook

Building a NNetwork Marketing On Facebooketwork Marketing on Facebook has become increasingly difficult over the past few years.

At one stage it was incredibly easy, but now it has changed due to a combination of strict rules and a lot of competition.

Once upon a time, network marketing on Facebook was easy.

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Vemma Update – The Sad Part and Implications?

vemma updateLooking for a VEMMA update? Here is a quick update on Vemma – a seemingly legitimate MLM company who recently ran into trouble with the Federal Trade Commission in the United States:

What happened?

Although the actual contents of the complaints will obviously not be available to the general public, the basic problem the FTC has with VEMMA is this:

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Top 3 Home Based Business Ideas That Can Make You Rich

home based business ideasLucrative home based business ideas have revolutionized the business landscape and have created a level-playing ground for anyone to become an entrepreneur without the hassles and bottlenecks of traditional business start-up requirements.

Working from the comfort of your home is the only available way of combining business with pleasure.

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How To Identify a Legitimate Network Marketing and Pyramid Scheme

legitimate Network MarketingIt’s a legitimate Network Marketing! “This one, you don’t have to sell” “no monthly PV required” “just bring 2 people who bring in their 2 – that’s all, and you will be smiling to the bank.”

You hear such claims from people who try to talk you into their MLM opportunity. But the BIG question now is…

How do you differentiate between legitimate network marketing and a pyramid scheme?

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Doing Network Marketing Business Online – The 7 Benefits

network marketing business onlineIs it time to take your network marketing business online? Well, if you are tired of being turned down by friends, family, and people you are trying to canvas, you might be pleasantly surprised by the scope of possibilities the internet presents.

Many network marketing companies and upline will actually tell you to sit down and make a list of everyone you know during training.

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TREVO MLM Network Marketing Opportunity – My Own Review

trevoOk, you heard about it – the TREVO business opportunity, and now you want a no-hype review to help you make the right decision! Well, by reading this article, you will learn what you need to know before joining the bandwagon.

My review of the Trevo Network Marketing opportunity was written to be completely objective – and be of value to those who are considering getting involved in it as a means of generating additional income.

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