Top MLM Blogs 2016 – How I Made The List

Top MLM BlogsThe Top MLM blogs 2016 list was compiled by fellow network marketing blogger Erik Christian Johnson.

He used data from Alexa and MOZ to determine the order of rankings, and took into account both the actual traffic figures from Alexa, and Google’s perception of the domain authority for each blog – which he got from MOZ.

So – how did I manage to get on the top MLM blogs list?

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Top 10 MLM List Building Tips – MLM Blog Training (part 10)

MLM list building10 MLM list building tips – the final part of the 10 day blog training.

In part 9 of the MLM blog training, we looked at why you should consider building MLM mailing list, and now we will take a look at doing it BETTER with these 10 MLM list building tips. Implementing these formula can cause huge improvements in the amount of leads you generate…

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3 Reasons You Should Start Building MLM Mailing List – MLM Blog Training (part 9)

MLM mailing listIn part 8 of the MLM blog Training, we discussed how to market yourself and your blog – and now it is time to take things to the next level: Building MLM mailing list of prospects.

But why do I say that?

Firstly, we have to understand human nature. It is in our nature to be careful (survival instinct), and so we are wary of taking risks.

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How To Market Your MLM Blog – MLM Blog Training (Part 8)

Want to market your MLM blog – very important! In part 7 of the MLM blog training, we talked about creating your MLM blog content – but what good is your great content if nobody comes around to read it? Though even if you don’t do much to market your mlm blog as a beginner,…

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MLM Blog Training part 7: How To Create MLM Blog Content

Creating MLM blog content – YES, you can do it! By now you would have your MLM blog set up and all the plugins installed, and you have probably chosen a theme that suits you. The BIG question now is, how do you create MLM blog content? In this part 7 of MLM Blog Training,…

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MLM Blog Training – Part 6: Essential Plugins You Must Have

Ok, so now you have your MLM blog set up (part 5), and you want to add some plugins for functionality. There are literally thousands  of free ones to choose from (and a load more paid or premium ones), but there is one thing you have to keep in mind: The more plugins you use,…

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MLM Blog Training – Part 5: MLM Blog Installation – Now You Have a Blog, Congratulation!

It’s time for your MLM Blog installation! In this part 5, you will learn: how to set domain name servers, wait for propagation,  installation, settings – choices, theme flexible and responsive. Plus installation video walk-through included. In part 4 of the MLM blog training, we talked about getting a domain and hosting. Now it is…

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MLM Blog Training – Part 4: Getting A Good MLM Domain and Hosting – How?

In this part 4 of MLM Blog Training, we need to discuss your new MLM blog domain name, where to get it, and some things NOT to do when registering your domain. Now that you have finished your planning (part 3) and preparations – meaning, having the right mindset and motivation for MLM blogging (part2),…

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MLM Blog Training Part 3: Top 4 Steps To Plan A Successful MLM Blog

There is an expression that says: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Your MLM blog project is no different from any other big undertaking. You need to have plans and back-up plans… 1. Plan your time: This is where most people make their mistake. They over-commit themselves, pushing themselves for hours per…

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MLM Blog Training – Part 2: Blogging Requires Mindset and Motivation

MLM blogging requires the right mindset. If you are not in the right frame of mind, you may not get very far. It might sound harsh, but unfortunately that is a cold reality you will have to face and overcome. Firstly, understand what you are up against. You will have to be consistent in your…

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