What You Can Do Differently About Your MLM Business in 2017

mlm business in 2017They say that if you keep doing the same things, you can expect the same results. In order to grow your MLM business in 2017, you may need to make some changes…

Regardless of where you are at in your MLM career, there is always room for improvement.

In some cases, those improvements can involve drastic changes, and in other cases it may simply be a case of honing your existing skills, and transferring more of those skills to your team members.

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How to Become a Network Marketing Authority

network-marketing-authorityHow do you become a network marketing authority? Most people would think that it will require years and years of experience, and building a massive passive income over the space of many years. The reality, though, is quite different from that…

Whether you are viewed as a network marketing authority or not, will depend not on what you have achieved, but on how other people view you. It’s all about perceptions.

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How to Explain MLM Business to Someone Who Never Heard About It Before?

explain mlm businessWhen you try to explain MLM business principles to someone who never participated, or never dealt with it before, it’s easy to run into the old excuse of “this sounds like a pyramid scheme…”

However, if you know how to present it to the prospect, it’s usually relatively simple to overcome the objection.

Firstly, any business is, in essence, the same. It offers a product, which has to be bought, stored, shipped to customers, and promoted.

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How to get Inactive MLM Team Members to Take Action

inactive MLM team membersGetting inactive MLM team members to take action can be a battle. All too often you recruit people into your business opportunity, only to have them fade on you, and fail to work on their new network marketing businesses.

It can be frustrating, especially if you have been working hard at recruiting for some time, or if you are new and your first few recruits all fade on you.

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Must Read: Is Your Story One Of These MLM Excuses?

Let’s face it: 95% of people fail in network marketing. So – is your Network Marketing story one of these MLM excuses? Do you find yourself looking for reasons to explain your failures – time after time after time? Fair enough – we all make bad choices from time to time. Sometimes we choose opportunities…

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Are You an Oyster or an Eagle Network Marketer?

As a Network Marketer, are you an Oyster or an Eagle? This comparison holds true for everything in life – not just for network marketing. In fact, it even goes beyond business, and it stays true for your personal life as well… For starters, let’s look at the difference between these two creatures: The oyster…

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How To Handle Rejections In Network Marketing

Many people are terrified about having to face rejections in network marketing – or any direct sales, for that matter. But once you understand how things work, it becomes a lot easier to handle… Does that sound crazy? Read on. Firstly, you have to understand that not everyone will be open to what you want…

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How To Handle Your Fear of MLM Failure

It is only natural to be afraid of MLM failure – especially if  you or someone you know tried – and failed – before. However, there are some very specific steps you can take to deal with it… Firstly, do what you can to reduce the risk. Secondly, accept that, in any line of business…

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Putting Leverage In Your Network Marketing Business

 If you’re going to be involved in Network Marketing, you HAVE to pay attention to leverage. In this video, Eric Worre discourses why you should use leverage in your network marketing business.   Here’s what others are saying about putting leverage in your network marketing: I would suggest that ANYONE that is earning the majority…

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Do You Have an MLM Business Plan – or Do You Just Rove About?

Seriously – do you have an MLM business plan, or do you just rove about? It has been said – and proven – that, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That saying holds true for any business model, not just network marketing. Starting a new venture without a plan is – sadly…

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