List Building for Network Marketing – is it Worth it?

for network marketingMany people are hesitant to get into list building for network marketing. After all, there are so many theories floating around about the viability of list building, and many people believe that if they have made a connection on a social network, it is as good as having the prospect on your list – but is that so?

Firstly, let’s establish why list building is a great tool for network marketing – just like any other form of online business:

Having a list for network marketing allows you to connect with prospects again and again. Fair enough, you may have presented your opportunity to the prospect, and he or she declined – but there is always something else you can offer them in the future. in fact, it does not even have to be something you will get paid for. It just has to be something you can draw some benefit from.

You could offer (to sell) them tools later down the line – like an autoresponder service, hosting, advertising services, social media tools, blogging tools, etc.

The fact is that, once you build your list for network marketing – have him or her on your list, you have multiple opportunities to present offers which will benefit both of you.

On the other hand, having an MLM prospects list in your autoresponder service allows you to scale your business much bigger than would have been possible otherwise.Since the delivery of follow up email messages is all automated, it makes no difference if you have to send five messages, or five thousand.

You don’t even have to remember who you sent which message to last, because the system will ensure it is all going out on time, and in the right sequence.

Secondly, let’s look at how having mailing list for network marketing differs from having the prospect as a connection on a social network:

Besides the fact that, when you connect on a social network, the prospect is usually not in a frame of mind to talk about MLM (or any business, for that matter), there is also the matter of divided attention.

Even if you send the person a private message, the platform still shoves advertisements in his or her face, distracting him from your engagement. And if you should decide to chat on say, Facebook, you have to compete with everything else that is going on on the page – which could be messy if he or she has a lot of friends posting funny pictures.

On the other hand, email is a more private medium, and in most cases, there is very little going on in terms of advertising or additional distractions. You basically have the prospect’s undivided attention.

That’s a much better environment to get your message across, don’t you think? 
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