Free MLM Leads For Network Marketing – Beware Of These 3 Dangers

free-mlm-leadsFree MLM leads – it sounds great, doesn’t it? Well…. maybe, or maybe not. You may want to read on if you are on the lookout for someone offering  you free mlm leads…

If someone offers you free MLM leads for your network marketing business, there are few questions you should be asking:

1. Free MLM Leads – WHY?

Think logically: Why free mlm leads- if you had generated those leads yourself – would you want to give them away?

There are few things to consider…

Firstly, the person offering you those free mlm leads has already milked them dry, and he or she is only giving them way because they are of no more use to him or her.

And, of course, he or she might be offering everyone the same free MLM leads – because they know that most of the people will never do anything with those leads anyway.

But the funy part is that the person offering these free MLM leads stand to make more money from the people they give the leads to, than from the leads themselves.

Be careful – your name and email address might soon be give away to someone else by this person if you do not buy from him or her…

2. Free MLM leads Where does it come from?

There is a saying: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”…

Think logically: If top network marketers could get free MLM leads, why are they paying between $1 and $3 per lead? Something fishy might be going on.

Beware – many people selling leads have simply scraped those leads with software, and if you start emailing those people, you will be in trouble faster than you can imagine. These may have been scraped from any of a number of websites, including facebook, forums, and other leads service providers.

Alternatively, there are software programmes out there that actually generate potential email addresses – by simply taking a lit of names, combining that with a list of surnames, combining that with a short list of email providers, and then generating all the different potential combinations.

Many of those email addresses will probably not exist – but that can be removed by doing a “list scrub” to remove non-existent email addresses. As such, you are given a list of email addresses of people who never gave their permission to receive email communications.

Lastly – are those free network marketing leads targeted?

If you get a thousand free MLM leads from people in a poor country, none of those people may have enough money to pay the monthly subscription fee of the programme you are promoting.

3. If It’s Free MLM Leads  – Is it really free?

In many cases, the “free MLM leads” part is just a gimmick to attract people onto someone’s list.

There are many systems out there which are supposed to generate leads virally (viral list builders, viral lead capture systems, etc).

However, while these may work great on theory, they do share some fundamental flaws:

a. They require a reasonable amount of effort – you have to bring in some leads yourself to start it up, and this may require a bit more effort than anticipated.

b. Just like normal network marketing, you will recruit a lot of people who will simply do nothing. The small percentage of people, who do decide to work at it, will come up against the same odds, and more my drop off the programme…

c. Due to the fact that there is no targeting, you have no idea of what you are getting. In fact, you do not know if the person who joined up under you is looking for people to recruit into something illegal, or into a traffic exchange, or if he or she will even be open to consider network marketing opportunity.

Bottom-line is… if someone offers you free MLM leads, it would be better of spending your time and effort generating your own lead

Therefore, don’t be be deceived when someone offer you free MLM leads.

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