How to Follow Up With Old MLM Prospects and Make Them Join Your Business

old mlm prospectsMany network marketers never follow up on their old MLM prospects, or if they do, they go about it all wrong.There are two sides to the proverbial coin, so you may want to keep the following in mind:

1. Your old MLM prospects turned you down (regardless of how long ago it was) for a reason. It may be that they didn’t understand or accept the concept, or it may be that they had unrealistic expectations, or maybe they simply weren’t willing to commit their money and effort.

Whatever the reason, you did receive a definite “no” from them in the past.

2. On the other hand, people change and their situations change. Your old MLM prospects may have tried something else and failed (or not), and learned a lot along the way.

He or she may have different personal and/or financial circumstances now than they did at the time you presented the opportunity originally, and may or may not be willing to reconsider. On the one hand your old MLM prospects may have turned their backs on network marketing as a concept completely, but on the other hand they may now be ready to discuss it.

This may be someone you talked to a few months ago, or even a year or two ago.

What You Need To Do With Old MLM Prospects

Do is the following:

1. Ascertain whether your old MLM prospect is still interested in an additional stream of income (which may eventually replace their current income). Your main objective is to find out whether he or she is open to discussing the topic or not, BUT without spending too much time on it.

It makes absolutely no sense to spend half an hour making small talk if you don’t even know whether you will be given the opportunity to discuss business or not. If you have to disqualify the old MLM prospects, do it as quickly as possible.

Note: Keep in mind, however, that a lot may have changed since your last conversation, and that he or she may not even remember you. There is also the possibility that they actually went on to do well for themselves in the meantime.

2. If the old MLM prospect is open to discussion, try to find out what has changed for him or her since your last conversation. What opened them up to the discussion after they turned you down the last time? This may very well give you an idea of what will motivate them to get into business with you.

It may be financial pressure, or a longing for a better lifestyle, or maybe they even tried to make money from home and failed. Either way, the mere fact that you are still doing the same thing (network marketing) will enforce the fact that what you are doing is a legitimate, sustainable business, and it will count in your favour.

3. Lastly, convey the fact that you also learned a lot since your last conversation, and that you have more to offer in terms of experience than before. It would, in fact, make more sense to join you as a business partner now than it would have been during your previous conversation.

The bottom line is to identify the “good leads”, and eliminate the useless ones among all the old MLM prospects. The faster you can disqualify the ones who are still not interested, the more time you will have availableto work on those prospects that could become productive network marketers in your team, and make you consistent money. 
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