How to get Inactive MLM Team Members to Take Action

inactive MLM team membersGetting inactive MLM team members to take action can be a battle. All too often you recruit people into your business opportunity, only to have them fade on you, and fail to work on their new network marketing businesses.

It can be frustrating, especially if you have been working hard at recruiting for some time, or if you are new and your first few recruits all fade on you.

It can feel as if you have to face rejection after rejection when trying to recruit, and then you have to face even more disappointment when many of your new recruits simply don’t take their MLM businesses seriously.

The saddest part is that you (and they) never know whether the next person you recruit will make you good money or not, or even whether he or she may end up becoming a heavy hitter. What makes it so sad is the fact that most people give up before they recruit the one person who could turn their financial future around.

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for this. The solution is simple, but it’s not “easy”…

In fact, it won’t even work on everyone inactive MLM team members – but it will have an effect on “the right ones” – and that is all you want. You only need to re-activate the ones who have the capacity to make a success of their businesses and make you money consistently.

So how exactly do you get inactive MLM team members to take action?

Become the person you want them to be. In fact, be better. Be all over the place. Be the one who talks to the most people every day, and/or makes the most phone calls every day. Be the one who does the most presentations every day. Be the person who goes to every single event and training session.

Of course, that will mean that you won’t have any time left to spend with them and try to get them to take action…

But, you may ask, what good will that do?

Well, firstly, when they see you all over the place, they will start thinking what it is that you know that they don’t. Curiosity has a way of spurring people into doing things they otherwise wouldn’t.

Secondly, you will be “moving on” and almost be “building a new team”. When you start engaging with those team members and acknowledging their successes and commitment even on social media regularly, your inactive MLM team members will start feeling left out.

They will note your success, and how you are surrounded by people who are committed to their own success, and they will realise that the only way to be part of the group (and your life) again is to become one of the circle of committed, working network marketers.

Thirdly, you will be leading your “new team” by example from the start, and the ones with potential will be inspired. By showing them how it is done on a daily basis, you will have fewer inactive MLM team members among those recruits right from the start.

Once again, this won’t work on all of your inactive MLM team members or “sleepers” – but it will get through to the ones who have the sense to take note of the potential success, and spur them into action.

You don’t need to activate everyone (especially not the ones who demand lots of your time and put in zero or little effort) – just the ones that will go on to make you money.

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