Network Marketing – Should You Choose Internet MLM, or go Offline?

internet mlmIn today’s world where many businesses are going online, many people who want to do network marketing struggle with the question: Should you do internet MLM marketing, or go after more traditional offline marketing methods?

For some people, especially some of the older and more technologically challenged network marketers, getting into marketing online can be difficult. After all, regardless of whether you start a blog, or write articles, or start doing social media marketing, there is a bit of learning involved. It is a whole new medium, and to those not familiar with it, the whole business can seem quite intimidating.

These people prefer to do their multi level marketing offline, in the old school face to face environment, and use the telephone a lot when working one network marketing leads and closing prospects.

On the other hand, some people are just not comfortable engaging in face to face sales talk. They find it easier to answer (for instance) via email, and have time to write a proper response to an MLM prospect’s question. These people are more comfortable doing internet mlm, and rather rely on bigger numbers of prospects than perfect sales pitches.

The ideal of course, is to be able to choose, regardless of the company. Fair enough, each of these methods has its limitations, but also its strong points.

Eventually, network marketing comes down to reaching potential prospects, engaging with them to bring your message across, and selling your MLM opportunity to some of them.

How you reach them is IRRELEVANT.

Where your multi level marketing clients come from simply does not matter. For a example, one person will chat to people on Facebook, the next person would place an ad in the paper and have his or her telephone number with it, and the next person may start babbling away when she goes to the hair dresser or the beauty salon.

The bottom line is this:

What works for YOU?
Note – this does not mean you need to choose between an offline or internet mlm company. You can take an offline company’s offer, and market it online, and vice versa. The opportunity does not need to limit you to a specific marketing channel. Fair enough, you will have to adapt some of your methods of the MLM programme is (for instance) created for online marketing, and you want to take it offline (and vice versa) – but there are ways to work around it.

Bottom-line is… whether using offline or internet mlm strategies, multi level marketing is about connecting with as many people as possible, and spreading your message along the way – using offline or internet mlm. Many will not be interested, but some will, and you work with those.

How you reach them depends on what you feel comfortable doing. If you are not someone who is a fast thinker in conversation, internet mlm marketing could be better for you. If you are an old school face to face salesperson, use your existing capabilities to your advantage.

For the best chance of success, do what you do best. It’s as simple as that. 
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