Putting Leverage In Your Network Marketing Business

 If you’re going to be involved in Network Marketing, you HAVE to pay attention to leverage.

In this video, Eric Worre discourses why you should use leverage in your network marketing business.


Here’s what others are saying about putting leverage in your network marketing:

I would suggest that ANYONE that is earning the majority of their income from personal effort does not understand what Network Marketing is really all about…..focus on Building A Team and never forget those famous words from Zig Ziglar….”you can have EVERYTHING you want in Life if you help enough people get what they want”!!! Continued Success to all…. – Stephen Clarke

Leveraging Eric is the great secret to online success. If you learn how to expand your presence through creative means you’ll be able to live a lifestyle. That’s why I live the internet lifestyle; sure I bust my tail, but my network helps me be more of a business owner and less of a business slave, so I can travel, and enjoy life. Thanks Eric! I’m Kingging this too, to boost your traffic. –Ryan Biddulph
Great point Eric! I was in a company for 7 years where if I stopped working so did my income. Leverage and duplication is the key to success in our industry!- John Melton
Thanks Eric, that gives me an important goal to go for! Much better than an income level (which may be earned by my efforts only) or aiming for a position in the company. By getting my personal income percentage down I will achieve the income & position! True residual….you are a star!- Ann Marie Ingram
Eric, thanks for the reminder that understanding how to use LEVERAGE in your network marketing. Yes, that is what make Network Marketing unique and great!- Orlando Darden Jr
What about you? Are you putting leverage in your network marketing? Leave your comment below.

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