When You Need MLM Help – Who Should You Turn To?

mlm helpFinding MLM help or guidance is not always as simple as it may seem. It may seem logical to follow someone who is a leader in the industry, or a known guru, but for some reason, that does not always help people to break through and achieve success.

The first problem arises when looking for MLM help from someone who has been in multilevel marketing for a long time. While he or she does have a lot of experience and knowledge, it is easy to forget that he or she has also developed  current skills set over a long period of time.

Additionally, if they have been at it for a long time, things were probably quite different when they started out in network marketing, (most of them dont know what’s working NOW). So taking MLM help or advice from them would be like giving your kids advice according to what things were like when you were growing up…

The second problem arises from the “everyone is an expert” syndrome. Many guru who offer MLM help tell their downlines to position themselves as “leaders”. It is one thing to document what you learn along the way, and share your journey into making money with others. It is a completely different thing to present yourself as an expert before you made any real money by doing what you teach.

The fact of the matter is that most of these “wannabe” gurus have not even been able to achieve consistent results, let alone success. The problem is – how do you know? How do you know when someone is simply putting up a charade, when you yourself lack the knowledge to see through it?

The last problem comes from turning to people who are just “crunching numbers”. To some people, it is all about how much money they can make from you. In fact, there are even courses out there that tell you how to make a lot of money from the people who DON’T join your MLM opportunity.

(you sell them “must have” tools and coaching – which they MUST buy if they really want to be successful)

This is totally unscrupulous, because not everybody makes good money from multilevel marketing. How can you live with yourself if you take more money from people while you know they are likely to fail?

Hint: When you join any opportunity, and you want to get the best MLM help, join under someone who CARES. The word “sponsor” as it is commonly used in network marketing, is derived from a Greek word which means “to be responsible for”.

When you join under someone who really cares about YOUR success, he or she will get you all the answers you need in order to succeed – even if they have to go and ask for help themselves.

The ideal people to get MLM help from, however, are those people who are just a little bit ahead of you. People who have started out recently, but are seeing some results coming in. These are people who have been able to refer new members in the current environment, with a limited skill set and very little knowledge.

In fact, these are people very similar to you – except for the fact that they were able to make it work. You will usually find them in groups created by team members or the company itself. If you follow the conversations, you will quickly see who you should be listening to.

Once you get to where they are, pick a few others who are, once again, just a little bit ahead of you – almost like aiming for the next rock one by one when you have to cross a river.

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