The Two Keys Of Positioning And How To Apply Them For MLM Success In Nigeria – Part 2

How to achieve MLM success in Nigeria using the concept of positioning.  In the previous article, we explained the concept of positioning and how to increase your credibility ranking by applying it in your business. In this article, you will learn the two keys of positioning and how to use them to unlock the doors of professionalism and achieve network marketing success beyond your wildest imagination.

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You already know that positioning is instrumental to your being viewed as an expert and in attracting prospects to you.  You probably know also that without thus positioning yourself, you will not command the kind of respect and trust that other professionals have in their careers.

Take your physician as an example. How did you get to know him? Chances are you sought him out yourself. Maybe someone who knew him as a credible and proficient doctor recommended him to you. But how did that one even come to know him?

The doctor sets himself up in a way that makes him appealing to people who are in need of his services. He never goes around the circles telling all who care to listen how good a physician he is. He never makes a list of his family and friends and tries to woo them into his clientele. He does not even call people on phone asking if they needed his services

Why does he not do any of these?

For one thing, they will make him look unprofessional. But that is not all

The real reason is that he does not have to do them. Why? Because of the way he is positioned

Your physician enjoys the trust and respect of people like you because he projects the image of a professional who is an expert in health care delivery. People seek for him and find him. They become his clients and act upon his recommendations and prescriptions. And they even keep coming back.

In the above illustration, there are two elements of positioning that you as a network marketer can use to your MLM success in Nigeria.

Point Of Contact Positioning

The physician in our illustration is not one faceless practitioner contributing to the noise in the medical industry. He is a distinct professional who could be found in a distinct location by people looking for him. That should also be true of you.

As a professional network marketer you should distinguish yourself from the sea of mlmers in your company and in the industry. Positioning yourself includes creating a compelling presence that sets you up as an expert.

How do you do that?

Do you know who Bill Gates is? Listen to him:

 “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”

The fact is that if you are not taking advantage of the internet, you will be poorly positioned in this industry as a credible voice to be heard.


Because the internet is a piece of technology that provides a powerful leverage for those who desire to carve a niche for themselves and differentiate themselves as the experts who know it all. People believe what they see and read on the internet even more than the news on the papers and the TV stations. They respect anyone with a website even before they check out what they are up to.

So what is the first element of positioning? Two words: Web Presence

Go here for information on how to set up a compelling web presence that positions you as the expert who knows it all. 
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