Network Marketing Team Motivation – How To Motivate Your Team

network marketing team motivationNetwork marketing team motivation is important to your business success.  Your organization may have the best marketing strategy and compensation plan  but if you don’t have the formula for your network marketing team motivation your downline cannot perform at a high level.

By reading this article you will learn why network marketing team motivation is critical to your team performance and how you can motivate your downlines in an industry known for high levels of attrition and low levels of motivation.

What is network marketing team motivation ?

Motivation has been defined as psychological forces that determine the direction of a person’s behavior, a person’s level of effort and a person’s level of persistence in the face of obstacles.


In that definition three key elements stand out for network marketing team motivation:

  • The direction of a person’s behavior refers to the many possible behaviors a person could engage in
  • Effort refers to how hard a person works
  • Persistence is about whether a person keeps on trying or gives up when faced with difficulties and roadblocks


Network marketing team motivation is central to performance because it explains why people behave the way they do in an organization. It also explains why a downline distributor is troublesome or cooperative, loves what he does or just goes through the routine.

Sources Of Motivation  – How It’s Applied To network marketing team motivation

There are two sources of motivation and can be apply to network marketing downline motivation: Intrinsic and Extrinsic

Intrinsically motivated behavior is behavior that is performed for its own sake; the source of motivation is actually performing the behavior, the motivation comes from doing the work itself. An intrinsically motivated person performs a task because he enjoys doing it not for any external reasons but solely because he derives internal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment from performing the task.

Extrinsically motivated behavior is behavior that is performed to acquire material or social rewards or to avoid punishment; the source of motivation is the consequences of the behavior, not the behavior itself.  An extrinsically motivated person performs a task not because he enjoys doing it but because of external rewards he reaps from doing it

Your network marketing team motivation could be extrinsically-oriented, intrinsically-oriented or both

But whether your team members are intrinsically motivated, externally motivated or both depends on a wide range of factors such as personal characteristics (their personalities, abilities, values, attitudes, needs etc); team culture (such as team recognition, personal development program etc)

However, regardless of the source of motivation…

Distributors Join And Are Motivated To Work In A Team In Order To Obtain Certain Outcomes.

It is your duty as the leader to ensure that your downline members obtain the outcomes they desire when they make valuable inputs to the organization.

How can you do this?

The greatest demotivator for inexperienced network marketers is delayed gratification. When their efforts do not produce the result for which they are intended they lose their motivation. To counter this situation and keep your downline motivated…

Provide a system of prospecting and retailing that guarantees the realization of desired results for their efforts.

 Eliminate factors that are likely to lead to frustrated behavior. Simplify the processes involved in the prospecting and retailing activities so that your downline members will know the step-by-step actions they are supposed to take in their order of priority.

Do not leave this process up to them to figure it out by themselves. They should be clear on what to do first, next, and so on. Your system should be able to break down the process into tasks, and should be able also to ensure that each action generates the intended outcome.

Even though it might not be accurate 100% of the time, but it should deliver most of the time. If your downline team members perform the required tasks and gets the desired result most of the time, they are more likely to be motivated


Because in network marketing team motivation, as in all other endeavors, nothing motivates more than results. 
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  • Well put my firend, motivation is such a key factor to a persons long term success. As you say, one could have the best strategy ever and have thousands of downline members but if they don’t stay motivated, they will quickly give up the mlm dream. I also totally agree with your points, it is our duty to ensure team mates get to where they want to be, Thanks for that.