Online Sales Pro And Scam Review

Online Sales ProLooking for Online Sales Pro Review? Well, after having used OSP for a while, it is time to offer an objective review – for those who are considering investing in it.

Hey! Online Sales Pro isn’t a scam. Yeah, keep reading I will explain. There are a number of good things I like about it.

While this Online Sales pro review may sound biased, it’s not. It just really blew me away when I compared it to things I tried before.

Before we continue, let’s first answer these crucial questions:

a. What is Online Sales Pro? It is a lead generation system for Network Marketers.

b. Who is behind Online Sales Pro system? Vincent Ortega Jr, a BIG player in the internet marketing game.

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My Experience With Online Sales Pro

This is what my experience with OSP has taught me so far:

1. Instead of a lot of unnecessary stuff (like you find in almost all other similar programs), Online Sales Pro has more of what you really need (like lots of landing pages), and very little stuff that you don’t need. On paper it might sound as if you are getting less for your money compared to other systems, but believe me, you get more of the things that matter.

Of course, the fact that there is less fluff means that the site is smaller, easier to navigate, and it cost less to build and run – hence the lower price.

2. I like the price point. Yes, you can get lead generation systems from $1.50 right up to $150 per month, but the $37 is nicely in the middle for me. On the one hand it qualifies the prospect by asking a reasonable price, but on the other hand it is also cheap enough to land me more sales.

3. I love the Online Sales Pro mobile app. It keeps me informed about new optins while I am on the road or out with the family, and I can trigger a timely, personal response in a matter of seconds. It helps me to connect with the prospect while he or she is still hot without any disruption to what I am doing.

4. The fact that Online Sales Pro has landing pages you can specifically use for a number of different companies means that your referrals can easily make money with this, regardless of which opportunity they promote. At the same time, the fact that it targets only network marketers means that your prospects will always be targeted, regardless of which opportunity they promote, and regardless of how many times they change from one primary opportunity to the next.

5. I like the fact that commissions are paid via cheque or PayPal. While the PayPal payment options will assure more peace of mind for making payments, the availability of cheques for commission payments makes it accessible to people in countries where neither PayPal nor the e-wallet facilities might not be available.

6. I have found that it makes a huge difference. The mere fact that people can try it out and see for themselves how good it is without having to commit, puts a lot of concerns at ease. On the other hand, it also says a lot about the company. Being willing to do that means they have complete confidence in their product and system. They take all of the risk, but it does land them more sales.

7. The traffic training is simple and to-the-point. No unnecessary stuff and no room for confusion or information overload.

Well, there you have it. if this Online Sales Pro review seems biased, just remember one thing: The creators of OSP had a lot of other examples to study, and try to improve on their weak points.

It works for me. Maybe it can work for you too.

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  • Hey Cashmire, how are your numbers looking with this program? Have you already met the threshold to make it free every month for yourself with the 2 referrals? Or are you having a hard time keeping people? What’s the churn like?

  • Hi Steven, good to hear from you! Yes, I have referrals on the monthly ($20) and VIP ($150) commission.

  • Thanks for starting to answer my question, how about the rest of it?

    How many leads does it take before you get a paid one? How many paid people drop out in your downtime due to not sticking with it… Trying to find out how much I’d need to recruit to make it work…

    Thanks for your reply!

  • Hi Steven, OSP is an online lead capture page system. You can use it to generate leads for your business. But if you want to promote it to make money online, then only 2 referrals will pay for your subscription.