Organo Gold Opportunity In Nigeria – My Own Review

organo goldThere’s lots of booze about Organo Gold in Nigeria – Facebook, Twiter and forums, Organo Gold members are busy spreading their coffee business.

As you read on, please note: I’m not in any way involved in the organo gold business network. Therefore this review is based on my personal research on OG opportunity.

Here is my own review of the Organo Gold Coffee opportunity – I am always on the lookout for new possibilities. These are my personal perceptions of the program – from a  different angle. Some of it is good, and some of it is not…

Firstly, the  Organo Gold product:

Organo Gold coffee has a unique and great taste. Its unique composition means that although it gives you an energy boost, it tends not to be too heavy on the stomach, even after several cups.

Among the ingredients, there is what is referred to as a sacred Chinese herb – Ganoderma. While it has been used in China for 4,000 years for medicinal purposes, it also acts as an appetite suppressant, making it great for those who want to lose weight.

Note: The product is also sold on Amazon – and roughly 85% of  Organo Gold Coffee reviews by users rate it with four and five stars, which says a lot.

Secondly, the  Organo Gold company:

When they originally started out in 2008, the suppliers found it almost impossible to keep up with the astonishing growth rate of the demand, battling to deliver on time. While it caused logistical problems, however, it DOES tell us a lot about the quality and popularity of the product.

Today, more than half a decade forward, the company is stable, and still growing steadily. The initial problems have all been ironed out, and all logistical systems appear to be working well.

As such, it is not to be considered “a flash in the pan” – this network marketing company is here to stay, and be a part of everyday life for many years to come.

Thirdly,  the Organo Gold opportunity:

While the placement structure of your downline is a simple binary configuration (everyone just has two people directly below them), it might all seem quite simple – but it’s not. There are, in fact, no less than seven ways to get paid.

These include commission overrides on sales and re-orders nine levels deep, different commissions on different levels of distributors in the first four levels of your downline, commissions on direct sales, and you can even make a cut from the sales of promotional packages. Right on top there is – for the real achievers – the opportunity to share in the global commissionable volume; that’s obviously where the biggest money lies.

Lastly, the cost to get started:

Getting started with  Organo Gold Coffee costs as little as $49 (U.S.). For those more serious about business, there are more advanced positions to start off, but that is what it costs for anyone who is willing to work their way to the top.

The bottom line of this personal Organo Gold Coffee review:
Coffee is an everyday part of life. Once you add additional benefits to it – like  Organo Gold has done – you are dealing with a HUGE market. The  Organo Gold product has proven itself to be great, the company is stable and efficient, and the compensation plan lets you make money in different ways.

There is, however, one thing that spoils it for me: You only get volume commissions on the SHORTEST leg of your matrix…

Normally, there will not be much difference between left and right, but…

What if you sign up a heavy hitter? His or her downline will grow fast, and you will NOT be able to make all the money from them that you should be earning, because that leg will be the LONGER one…

It’s a pity. The rest of the  Organo Gold program looks good, but that catch in the payment plan doesn’t do it for me.  Therefore, In my opinion I wouldn’t recommend the Organo Gold network marketing opportunity. 
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