5 Characteristics that set MLM Leaders Apart

mlm leadersSome people seem to be natural MLM leaders. When we look at them, they just seem like the logical people to follow, and partner with. What sets them apart from the rest of the network marketing community?

By digging into this question, we can ascertain what it takes to be a leading network marketer, and as such we can set goals to develop ourselves to that level.

I did some digging myself, and this is what I found In MLM Leaders

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MLM Career: How Your Habits Determine Your Result

mlm careerIt may sound overly simplistic, but it is true. The outcome of your MLM career will be determined by your habits.

Fair enough, it is not the only factor at play, but it is a “make or break” factor, which could either take you towards success, or keep you from achieving it.

Allow me to explain…

Success is the result of doing small things right, over and over again.

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MLM Presentation – How To Get MORE New Signups

MLM PresentationDoing an MLM presentation is easy, right? Maybe not. Ok, conveying the information is easy, but getting your prospects to buy requires paying attention to a few specific triggers.

Keep in mind that how you present your network marketing opportunity and/or product will determine your conversion rate (the percentage of prospects who become customers and/or recruits) – and even a small improvement in your conversion rate can make a HUGE difference to your income in the long run.

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How To Deal With Bad MLM Prospects

bad mlm prospectsBad MLM prospects! We all get them. The people who just keep throwing up excuses, or keep on taking up more and more of your time. The people who pretend to know more about your business than you do – yet they don’t do any business. The “pain-in-the-neck” prospect.

How do you handle them?

Well, firstly you have to think of what you do in terms of “effort versus reward”. Note that I don’t say “effort versus new recruits”, or “efforts versus signups” – because “effort versus reward” means exactly that:

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How To Be Successful In MLM Despite an Unsupportive Spouse

unsupportive spouseFor many network marketers, trying to be successful in MLM while having to deal with an unsupportive spouse or partner is a tough challenge. The support (or lack of it) from a person close to you can have a huge influence on your success (or failure).

An Unsupportive Spouse – The two Different Scenarios:

1. If you have been jumping backward and forward through a number of MLM oportunities,

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How to Recruit MLM Big Dogs

MLM Big DogsAfter years of receiving calls from network marketing reps – always wanting to recruit me, it’s time I show you the right way to recruit MLM Big Dogs (like me) into your MLM opportunity and explode your team.

While most network marketers won’t even think about recruiting one of the MLM Big Dogs, for various reasons, the benefits of adding just ONE professional person to your team can be enormous.

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MLM Lead Generation Tips for Newbies

mlm lead generationMLM lead generation is the lifeblood of your network marketing business. Inexperienced marketers often get it wrong, and then become despondent when they don’t see results.

The harsh reality of any MLM business is that you need as many people as possible to consider your offer. A percentage of the people who view,

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How to get Inactive MLM Team Members to Take Action

inactive MLM team membersGetting inactive MLM team members to take action can be a battle. All too often you recruit people into your business opportunity, only to have them fade on you, and fail to work on their new network marketing businesses.

It can be frustrating, especially if you have been working hard at recruiting for some time, or if you are new and your first few recruits all fade on you.

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MLM Closing Tips – How to Close the Prospect

mlm closingMany network marketers dread the moment that they have to “close the deal”. Doing a presentation is one thing; getting a sale is another. Here are a few MLM closing tips to make your life easier.

In general, the best way to close an MLM prospect is to ask specific questions, and the answers he or she gives will “let them close themselves” (their answers will do 90% of the work for you).

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How to Attract Targeted MLM Leads

Targeted MLM LeadsAttracting targeted MLM leads is a challenge for most network marketers. After all, just being able to find leads that you can work with is a problem for most. Fortunately, the solution is not as complex as it may seem.

In short, you can attract targeted MLM leads by creating an environment that will attract them to you, instead of you having to go and find them.

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