What Is Positioning And Why You Must Apply It To Your MLM Business?

The traditional unprofessional method practiced by most mlmers is giving the industry a bad reputation. Therefore your first task as a network marketer is positioning yourself as someone with a lot of credibility. By reading this article, you will learn what positioning means and how it helps you eliminate rejection and resistance from prospects, increase your perceived value in their minds and attract them to you.

But What Is Positioning?

When you put yourself in a position where prospect can find and convince themselves that you can lead them to their sought-after solution.

That is positioning

Your best prospects are members of your target market who are actively looking for the solution that your product or service can provide.

But why not just go in there and tell them you have what they are looking for, perhaps tell them your offer is the best compared to everyone’s else?

That is exactly what average network marketers do. They talk and talk about how their company and products are simply the best, the features of their products and the benefits of their marketing plan, blab blab blab…..

They are not aware of the law of attraction that says:

“If you don’t give people a reason to follow you they will follow someone else”

The key to this whole business of attracting people is positioning.

You have to be perceived as an expert who has enough valuable insight to give that you are worth seeking out. You can’t do this by selling products or a business opportunity. You have to give people more than that. You have to give them leadership and know-how. You have to stand apart from the rest of the crowd and the only way to do this is by selling yourself People are looking for a leader to guide them to the solution they are looking for

In order to be positioned as a leader, you have to show that you know what you’re doing.

The way to do this is to teach people all you know about the problem they have, what could have led to it, the pains and discomfort they are possibly experiencing, and available options open to them. By giving them such valuable insight into their situation you are building a relationship of trust.

They begin to see you not as someone desperate to sever them from their hard-earned money but as someone genuinely interested in them and their situation. You have succeeded in positioning yourself as a trusted friend.

When you now make a recommendation they will take it as their doctor’s prescription. They will be receptive to whatever thing you’ll be offering as a solution.

With your new role as an adviser, you can begin to see why you should not be promoting your opportunity and products any longer. Your priority is to market information. To put it more accurately…

You are a distributor of information (aka information marketer)

You have seen the importance of positioning and how it can tremendously increase your credibility. It helps you eliminate rejection and resistance from prospects, increase your perceived value in their minds and attract them to you. 
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