MLM Recruiting SecretsMLM recruiting is hard for most people – that’s why a few people actually achieve any real success in network marketing. However, a simple change in mindset will make the world of difference in your MLM recruiting efforts: You want the BEST people for your business. Think logically: You want people who will grow your business, and eventually make you a lot of money for many years to come. If you had a physical business, would you simply allow anyone to become your business partner? No, because you would choose the best people you could get, and then you would offer them the best deal you possibly could. You will be better of with 4 or 5 quality people than you would be with 50 time wasters. So maybe it’s time you stop thinking like a desperate network marketer and start thinking like an MLM recruiting expert – and apply these…

Top 5 MLM recruiting secrets:

  1. Ask questions that matter. Yes, you need to listen to your prospects. You need to listen to what they say and to what they don’t say. But you also need to ask the right questions. You know which kind of person you want to work with you, and you know which characteristics you are looking for. You want to know if this person really wants to be successful, whether he or she is willing to be committed and persistent, and whether his or her expectations are realistic or not.
Draw up a set of questions that will address these issues, and blend them into the conversation.
  1. Your time is valuable – manage it. The last thing you want people to think, is that they can waste your whole evening (or a portion of your day) without giving you straight answers. Keep in mind that the person who keeps leading the conversation around in circles (and wasting your time) is probably someone who doesn’t get to the point. It also means that he or she is probably someone who is unlikely to get things done when they have to start there MLM recruiting.
If you find the conversation going nowhere, excuse yourself. At the very least the prospect will see that you value your time, and that you think like a business person. In fact, in many cases it helps to set a time limit before you start – for instance by saying “we can talk for an hour, and then I have to run to visit someone else”. That creates the perception that other people are also interested in what you have to offer, and your prospect has to make up his or her mind.
  1. Present yourself well. When you do MLM recruiting, you are basically “doing an interview” with someone that should ideally make you a small fortune. It is a much more serious conversation than most prospects realise. If you present yourself well dressed and well groomed, it will not only make you appear successful, but it will also add an air of professionalism to the conversation.
The more professional you appear, the more likely people will be to take you – and your offer – seriously.
  1. Make your downline appear “exclusive”. Create the perception that you are offering an opportunity, but “only to a select few people”. Your MLM prospects have to know that it is not only a matter of you asking them to join, but also about whether or not you believe they will be a good fit for your network.
This changes the atmosphere from “trying to sell something” to “a business interview”. The moment your prospect realises that you do not simply accept anyone and everyone to work with you, it changes the dynamics of the conversation.
  1. Go after the big dogs. Where possible, go after people who already have knowledge and love for network marketing. These people have already proven themselves to be capable, and will definitely be an asset to your downline. It takes more effort to recruit an MLM big dog, but you spend much less time afterwards to coach and motivate them. They just get on board and run.
Lastly, always remember this: It is not about how many new people you sponsor into your downline that matters. The success you can expect from these MLM recruiting secrets is all about how much money you make for the time you put in – so you should calculate the time needed not only to recruit, but also to coach and motivate afterwards. The more people you recruit that need to be “carried”, the more time it demands from you. On the other hand, if you recruit the right people, you may spend much more time to find and sponsor them, but because they will make you more money, the effort versus reward ratio will be better.  

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