Alliance In Motion GlobalAlliance in Motion Global is a relatively new (new in Nigeria) MLM company from the Philippines. There have been some talk about them being the number one network marketing company in the world – which isn’t the case just yet, but maybe that’s what the owners are aiming for. However, once a new MLM company has its momentum – it usually attracts bad news around it. Some online writers who want your money would want to divert your interest by tagging AIM as scam. Never mind them. So, if you are looking for an objective review about AIM global, then keep reading to find out what the MLM business is, in my own opinion. The first striking thing about Alliance in Motion Global is the countries they target. In my opinion they chose their country roll-out sequence very carefully – because it seems they are (for the start) aiming at markets with great potential and lesser levels of market saturation. Take Nigeria, for instance – which is one of the two largest and strongest economies in Africa (South Africa is about the same) – where network marketing has huge potential, and the world has only recently realized the true potential of the emerging market. They have avoided the over-crowded markets (where too many other companies will be competing with Alliance in Motion Global), as well as places where over-regulation may hamper their growth (like Vemma ran into big issues with the FTC in the USA). Their product range is interesting, including four categories of products. This should make it attractive for network marketers specializing in selling specific product types. The only downside that I can see is the fact that their products all come as package deals, which may often include one or two things you don’t actually want to buy. Something I find intriguing as well, is the bold claims they make about the benefits of their products, without offering scientific proof like other MLM companies usually do. However, as they say, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” – so they are leaving it up to their customers to use the products, and tell others about the benefits they experience. The compensation plan for Alliance in Motion Global seems to have been well thought through as well. While there are the usual different types of commissions and bonuses, the stair-step commission increases have the effect of rewarding those network marketers who work consistently, and build their sales track record over time. You can use “the next milestone” to motivate each of your team members individually, and their efforts to proceed to the next commission level should do wonders for your sales volumes.

Alliance In Motion Global Review In conclusion

Alliance in Motion Global was founded in 2005, but it seems they took a while before expanding beyond the Phillipines. But this can be a good thing, because there is a lot of growth potential. In fact, they could be heading for massive growth during the next few years. The products seem ok, but not spectacular, so only time (and using them) will tell how good they really are. However, if the products are as good as their compensation plan, and as well thought through as their country roll-out plan, they should be just fine. All in all, it seems as if the founders of AIM Global have done their homework, so now we just have to see how they handle the international growth during the next few years. The truth is, Alliance in Motion Global in my own isn’t a scam.    

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