As a Network Marketer, are you an Oyster or an Eagle?

An oyster or an eagleThis comparison holds true for everything in life – not just for network marketing. In fact, it even goes beyond business, and it stays true for your personal life as well…

For starters, let’s look at the difference between these two creatures:

The oyster clamps itself down onto a rock in one place. It never moves from it comfort zone. It simply waits for the tide to come in and bring it some food. If the tide is low, and does not bring much food, then so be it. It will wait patiently for the next high tide, hoping it will be higher – and be satisfied with whatever the ocean brings it to eat.

The eagle, on the other hand, leaves its nest. It goes out to find food. It will seek out potential food from a great height (distance). Once it finds its meal, it will fly towards the sun, and then turn around – coming straight at its prey, who will be blinded by the sun behind it. It’s prey doesn’t stand a chance. It will take its meal, and go back to enjoy it…

When it comes to profession, most network marketers display the characteristics of either one of these animals. Some people believe that simply by being enrolled in a network marketing program, they will have people contacting them to get in, and they will be making money.

Other network marketers know they have to “go out for the kill” – they know that, if they want new signups for their MLM business, they will have to go and find their prospects, and they will have to do what they have to in order to bring their point across, and “get the meal” (sign the prospect up).

Once again, it all comes back to mindset. If you are still “stuck in your comfort zone”, you will – like the oyster – prefer to move if you don’t have to. You will wait for everything to come to you – just like you probably do at work (your employer or boos brings your work to you, and you just do it).

Unfortunately, if you look at the oyster, you will find that they do not really have much to enjoy about life – they eat, they survive, and that’s it. It is not a magnificent existence by any means.

Unfortunately, when it comes to MLM, it is the same. If you choose to stick to your comfort zone, you will just keep on living the way you do. You will forever be dependent on the scraps that life throws you, and you will just have to make do with what you get.

If you want more, become an eagle. Get out of your comfort zone, and go find prospects. Go and “get the meal”. You will be rewarded – like the eagle – with the ability to soar the heights of success, view the world differently, and be a creature of magnificent capabilities.


What are you going to be: An oyster or an eagle?

Think carefully – because wishful thinking alone is not enough to guarentee network marketing success. 

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