Attraction MarketingMany people wonder if attraction marketing has withstood the test of time. Does it still work? After all, things are changing rapidly in the age we live in, and even more so on the internet.

The short answer: Yes, it still works – now more so than even before. But first, a quick overview of what it is: Attraction marketing is an inbound promotional model based on the premise that providing value to others will, in turn, attract people to you. You position yourself as someone who cares, someone who tries to help as many people as possible (regardless of which opportunity they promote), and eventually as a leader and authority. In the process, some people will appreciate the value you put out (blog posts, videos, articles, etc), and become involved in your opportunity because they connect with you as a person. As you put out more and more content, more and more prospects will be exposed to it, and more and more people will be willing to join the network marketing or MLM program you are promoting.

The benefits of attraction marketing are numerous:

1. It can be done by introverts and people who lack sales skills and interpersonal skills. Because the people approaching you are already interested, there is no “hard sell”. It is much easier, and much less demanding on an emotional level than direct prospecting.

2. Attraction marketing attracts a better quality prospect. Instead of you having to convince people to listen to you or to come and view your MLM presentation, people will be contacting you. As such, those who are not interested do not even come up on your mind. Your content might be viewed by many, but the ones that contact you are the good ones, and as such your closing ratio will be substantially higher than it would have been if you engaged in direct prospecting. 3. It attracts a better quality recruit. The type of person who joins your program because of your attraction marketing campaign, is likely to place more trust in you as a person, and is likely to stick with the program for longer than those people you had to convince to do so. As a result of this trust, your new recruits are also likely to be more willing to follow your guidance. 4. Over time, it becomes a passive recruiting machine. As you put out more and more content for consumption by network marketing opportunity seekers, more and more of it will remain visible on Google. More and more people will continue to find you, even if you go on vacation or take a break. In contrast to that, paid advertising stops yielding results as soon as you stop putting money into it. 5. It helps to build the brand of “you”. Attraction marketing attracts people to you, and not necessarily to the opportunity you are promoting. It systematically works to position you as an authority and a leader. As the perception of you shifts from that of a network marketing practitioner to that of an authority and leader, you will find more and more people responding to the content you put out. As the internet becomes more and more cluttered with people trying to push their products and programs, more and more prospects are simply ignoring the “noise”. Attraction marketing, however, aims to provide value – and as long as you lead with value, there will always be people who need to know what you are trying to tell them. As such, compared to other forms of network marketing promotion, it works better than ever before.

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