bad mlm habitsThere is one big reason why most people fail at network marketing: Bad MLM habits. You see, success – in any business – comes from doing the right things over and over again. Unfortunately adding “the wrong thing” to the way you do things can render all your efforts useless – just like adding one wrong ingredient to a recipe can ruin the food. Listed below are – in my opinion – the 5 top “bad MLM habits”. Any of these can ruin your MLM career – so be careful to avoid them.

5 Top Bad MLM Habits You Must Avoid To REALLY Have Success In Your Network Marketing Career

1. Procrastination If you don’t work on your business regularly, and apply your time efficiently, don’t expect to be going anywhere soon. Identify the tasks that result in the most money, and spend the most of your available time on these. It could be making calls and inviting people, or it could be blogging, or it could be connecting with people on social media. Whatever it is that results in the most money for YOU, do as much of it as you can, and do it as regularly as you can. This is the single most devastating MLM bad habit – period. 2. Not being totally honest with your prospects Many network marketers tend to “conceal the truth” in order to get people to sign up, or even just to attend a presentation. After all, it is just so easy to get someone to an MLM presentation by saying you can connect them with someone who will give their career a boost, or to say (during a network marketing presentation) “anyone can do this”. ALWAYS remember this one single fact: In network marketing, your big money doesn’t come from the prospects you recruit. It comes from the prospects you KEEP. If you aren’t completely honest with your prospects, how can you expect them to trust you? In addition to that, if you tell your prospects to “tell white lies” or to conceal the truth from their prospects, anyone with good business ethics and good personal principles will walk away… And those are the people you need to KEEP on your team. Not telling the whole truth is one of those very bad MLM habits which can cost you dearly in the long run.

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3. Not giving ALL of your attention to your prospect Many network marketers tend to “multi-task” when they are dealing with prospects. Some take notes, and some will be digging in their bags or briefcases for the next piece of information. Or you may even be on Skype or something similar, and attend to something else in between… Very bad MLM habit. Firstly, your prospect perceives this as a lack of interest – which in turn makes them feel you are only after their money (start-up kit commission, fast action bonus, etc), and you don’t care if they are going to be successful or not. Secondly, in order to really ascertain what your prospects want, and what their real concerns are, you need to listen very carefully – not only to what they say, but also to what they don’t say. If you divert your attention, even for just a few seconds, you could lose not only the one recruit, but you could also lose all the money you would have made from their downline. So – if you have to write something down, tell your prospect you are doing it so you both can look back on the information at the end of your conversation. That way, they will be a part of it, and you writing things down will not intrude on the conversation. They will also know that they should stop talking while you write, and there will be much less chance of you missing out on something they said. 4. Running down the competition This is one of those terribly bad MLM habits – and it’s just so easy to fall into. Before you go running down the competition in any way (products, pay-plan, etc), always remember this: Firstly, the prospect may have had contact with the product or company before – directly or indirectly – and it might have been a good experience. Running it down will put you in a bad light. Secondly, running down the competition may make you appear desperate – just like a guilty person would try to point fingers at others to shift the focus away from him- or herself. Yes, if you believe your product or MLM company is better, you can say it – but keep it factual, and keep it in a positive light. If you create the impression that the competition doesn’t worry you (because you are confident of what you offer) without having to point out their bad points, you become the good person in the story. 5. Blaming others for your failures It’s easy to blame others for your failures. And often, those people or institutions may actually have played a role in your failure. However, there is ONE very important fact you need to keep in mind: If you blame someone else, it also means that YOU have placed YOUR success in THEIR hands. In other words, if you accept that someone else caused your failure, it also means that you have surrendered your resolve to do something about it. It means that you are allowing them to control your financial future… But wait a minute. Isn’t that why you got into network marketing in the first place? To be in control of your own financial future? If someone else is holding you back or causing you to fail, become like water in a blocked stream: Keep moving, and searching for an opening. Sit down with pen and paper, and make notes of how everything progressed to the point where you are now. Then look back, and see what you can do differently in order to get a better result in the future. Most of the time, you will find that by adjusting the way YOU do things, it is possible to overcome obstacles that others placed in your way. Of course, you may also find that you have been placing obstacles in your own way – through bad MLM habits.  

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