build your network marketing businessIt might sound too simple for some – but it really is the best way to build your network marketing business. In fact, consistency is a key factor is success in any business model, not just MLM. The problem is that most people who start doing multi level marketing are people who have daytime jobs. On the one hand this means that they have an already full schedule (almost) every day, but on the other hand it means that they do have an income, and as such there is not always a sense of urgency involved. Combine this with the fact that, after a full day at work, most people getting into MLM are tired, and may have other things to attend to as well, and you have a perfect recipe for inconsistent efforts. It starts off with just missing one training meeting, and soon you miss another, and then another, and… After a few months, you start complaining about not getting any results, but… How much time did you REALLY put to build your network marketing business?  The lack of consistency means that, while a few months may have passed on the calendar, the actual amount of effort you have put into building your business may only be equivalent to one month’s worth of work/promotion. When you calculate how much time you actually committed to build your network marketing business, it will be plain to see why you have not been able to achieve success yet. Keep in mind that, when you are trying to do some promotion to build your network marketing business, you have to keep something in mind: The average person needs five to seven exposures to a new idea before he or she makes up his or her mind about it (some people may require up to twelve). (this is why professional MLM marketers use follow-up autoresponder services to automate the additional exposures) If you advertise your business today, and someone sees it, and you only advertise again in a week (or even just three days onward), how long will it take you to reach the required seven exposures? Instead of one week, it could take up to three weeks. Additionally, if your promotional efforts are too far apart, your prospects may have grown cold by the time you advertise again, so the impact is less than anticipated. So – when working on your network marketing business, do so consistently. Just like any task you need to complete, frequent stops and disruptions will simply mean that it will take a lot longer to accomplish anything. On the other hand, if you make a habit of spending some time to build your network marketing business every day, you will not only see results sooner, but it will also become easier to do – purely because you have created a new and productive habit. Keep in mind – it has been said that the only difference between successful and unsuccessful people are their habits…

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