Building network marketing leaders is the key to creating a stable, long term MLM business.

Most people think that network marketing is just about building a downline, and that it will take care of itself as it grows…

It won’t. The bigger your team becomes, the more people there will be who need help – the kind of help that comes from experienced leadership. As such, you have one of two choices:

Either be prepared to work day and night (and even that will eventually not be enough), or…

Start building loyal leaders in network marketing

On the one hand you have the concept of building a downline, and on the other hand you have the concept of building a business. Building your downline isn’t the whole business – it’s just a part of your business.


Any business requires leadership. Think of big corporations like nationwide companies – it isn’t possible for the guy on the ground to contact the CEO –purely because he or she doesn’t have the time to deal with it. As such, they have leaders in different specialties that lead different sections of the company (COO, CFO, CMO, etc.), and then they have divisional, area- and branch managers.


Now, think logically: When you build an MLM business, you are building a structure that goes many levels deep. Successful network marketers have teams of thousands of people.


If you are not building network marketing leaders, it will be impossible for your business to perform as it actually can.  It will also be much more difficult to keep your business profitable when tough times come.


When it comes to building network marketing leaders, there are four aspects you HAVE TO work on. The better your MLM business will perform, and the longer it will last.

The 4 Keys to Building Loyal Network Marketing Leaders


  1. Build belief in the MLM Company you work with:


The MLM leaders you are creating need to believe in the network marketing company you work with. Once those aspiring leaders have faith in the company, they will trust the company to adapt to any market conditions that may evolve. Trust breeds loyalty – which means they will be less likely to be poached by another company in the future.


  1. Build belief in the MLM products you are promoting:


When people truly believe in the products they promote, they become enthusiastic about them. Some of them become passionate about them. The enthusiasm and the passion will rub off – not only on prospective customers, but also on their new recruits. When you are creating network marketing leaders, they have to be enthusiastic about the products they sell – because the performance of their teams will depend on their enthusiasm about those products.


When your team leaders believe in the network marketing products they are promoting, their trust and enthusiasm will help new recruits to keep going when they start facing rejection. Rejection is part of network marketing – because not everybody is ready to buy what you are offering. But quality leadership will help new recruits to deal with it much better than they would be able to do without it.


  1. Build belief in the leadership structure:


For MLM leaders to be able to inspire their teams, they have to be trusted. When your team members trust their team leaders, they will follow their lead.


However, it goes further than that. When building network marketing leaders on your team, it is crucial that they have faith in the leadership above them (from yourself upwards). Their belief in the leadership is necessary for two reasons:


  1. When your aspiring (and existing) team leaders believe in the leadership, it creates the perception (among their downlines/recruits) that “everything is working well” for everyone. In other words, the business is doing well, and the company is doing well. As such, it makes sense to stick with the MLM Company and work the system.
  2. As long as your leaders believe in their leaders, there will be trust, which leads to loyalty. When people lose trust in their leadership, they start looking at jumping ship – and the thing you don’t want is for one of your MLM leaders to leave and take his or her whole team with them.


4. Building loyal leaders require that you help the people on your team build belief in themselves:


It has been proven over and over again that self-confidence is the key to success – in any situation. Yes, it is crucial that people – especially your team leaders – have belief in the company, the leadership, and the products. But if they lack belief in themselves…


Then they won’t believe that they will be able to make their MLM businesses work. They are likely to struggle when dealing with prospective customers and potential recruits. In fact, a lack of self-confidence is debilitating when it comes to direct selling.


When you are building network marketing leaders, this is even more true. Not only do your leaders have to believe in their abilities to sell, but they have to believe in their own ability to lead. If they lack the necessary belief in themselves, they are not going to be able to inspire confidence in their teams. A leader who doubts himself or herself will not be able to have team members look up to him or her – or to have team members trust him or her.


And if they are unable to do that, most of their recruits are likely to fail. As such, it is unlikely that they will ever build any solid, well-performing downlines.   


In conclusion


Building an MLM business is relatively easy. Just follow the steps laid out by your team leader, and keep working at it.


But most people who get into network marketing don’t just want to “recruit other people” – they want to be able to quit their jobs and make a decent living for themselves.


In order for this to happen, your team leaders need to be real leaders. Each of them need to be able to build, grow and inspire his or her team members.


The more “real leaders” you have on your team, the bigger your success will be. And if you are building your network marketing leaders correctly from the start, you will have strong, capable leadership who will be loyal to you and the company – and THAT is the foundation of building a solid, stable and profitable long-term MLM business.  

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