Why You Need a Flexible MLM Business System

mlm business systemHaving a flexible MLM business system is very important if you want to hit it big in the industry. Many network marketers fail to accept that they are running a business. As such, they have no MLM business system in place, and simply "do things". Sadly, this is the reason why so many people don't make it in the industry. As a wise man once said: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail".
Casmire Okafor - MLM Coach In Nigeria

How to Grow Your MLM Business Fast – faster than your upline

grow an mlm business fastWhen you want to grow an MLM business fast, especially if you want to grow it faster than your upline, there are a few things you need to keep in mind: 1. Network marketing success is about numbers. Unfortunately, most people think it's about the number of recruits. It's not. It's about the numbers on your commission cheque. Contrary to what most people believe, these two are not necessarily related. Allow me to explain...
Casmire Okafor - MLM Coach In Nigeria

How to Explain MLM Business to Someone Who Never Heard About It Before?

explain mlm businessWhen you try to explain MLM business principles to someone who never participated, or never dealt with it before, it's easy to run into the old excuse of "this sounds like a pyramid scheme..." However, if you know how to present it to the prospect, it's usually relatively simple to overcome the objection. Firstly, any business is, in essence, the same. It offers a product, which has to be bought, stored, shipped to customers, and promoted.
Casmire Okafor - MLM Coach In Nigeria

How To Deal With Bad MLM Prospects

bad mlm prospectsBad MLM prospects! We all get them. The people who just keep throwing up excuses, or keep on taking up more and more of your time. The people who pretend to know more about your business than you do - yet they don't do any business. The "pain-in-the-neck" prospect. How do you handle them? Well, firstly you have to think of what you do in terms of "effort versus reward". Note that I don't say "effort versus new recruits", or "efforts versus signups" - because "effort versus reward" means exactly that:
Casmire Okafor - MLM Coach In Nigeria

MLM Closing Tips – How to Close the Prospect

mlm closingMany network marketers dread the moment that they have to "close the deal". Doing a presentation is one thing; getting a sale is another. Here are a few MLM closing tips to make your life easier. In general, the best way to close an MLM prospect is to ask specific questions, and the answers he or she gives will "let them close themselves" (their answers will do 90% of the work for you).
Casmire Okafor - MLM Coach In Nigeria

How to Follow Up With Old MLM Prospects and Make Them Join Your Business

old mlm prospectsMany network marketers never follow up on their old MLM prospects, or if they do, they go about it all wrong.There are two sides to the proverbial coin, so you may want to keep the following in mind: 1. Your old MLM prospects turned you down (regardless of how long ago it was) for a reason. It may be that they didn't understand or accept the concept, or it may be that they had unrealistic expectations, or maybe they simply weren't willing to commit their money and effort.