Why You Need a Flexible MLM Business System

mlm business systemHaving a flexible MLM business system is very important if you want to hit it big in the industry. Many network marketers fail to accept that they are running a business. As such, they have no MLM business system in place, and simply "do things". Sadly, this is the reason why so many people don't make it in the industry. As a wise man once said: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail".
10 MLM most important questions

10 MLM Most Important Questions To Ask Your Prospects

10 MLM most important questions - you must know the answers. If you've been involved in network marketing and trying to generate prospects online, this video training is for you. By applying the information I shared, as prospects contact you, you will save yourself a lot of time, avoid frustration and recruit more new members in your business.
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How to Grow Your MLM Business Fast – faster than your upline

grow an mlm business fastWhen you want to grow an MLM business fast, especially if you want to grow it faster than your upline, there are a few things you need to keep in mind: 1. Network marketing success is about numbers. Unfortunately, most people think it's about the number of recruits. It's not. It's about the numbers on your commission cheque. Contrary to what most people believe, these two are not necessarily related. Allow me to explain...
Casmire Okafor - MLM Coach In Nigeria

How to Become a Network Marketing Authority

network-marketing-authorityHow do you become a network marketing authority? Most people would think that it will require years and years of experience, and building a massive passive income over the space of many years. The reality, though, is quite different from that... Whether you are viewed as a network marketing authority or not, will depend not on what you have achieved, but on how other people view you. It's all about perceptions.
Casmire Okafor - MLM Coach In Nigeria

How to Explain MLM Business to Someone Who Never Heard About It Before?

explain mlm businessWhen you try to explain MLM business principles to someone who never participated, or never dealt with it before, it's easy to run into the old excuse of "this sounds like a pyramid scheme..." However, if you know how to present it to the prospect, it's usually relatively simple to overcome the objection. Firstly, any business is, in essence, the same. It offers a product, which has to be bought, stored, shipped to customers, and promoted.
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MLM Presentation – How To Get MORE New Signups

MLM PresentationDoing an MLM presentation is easy, right? Maybe not. Ok, conveying the information is easy, but getting your prospects to buy requires paying attention to a few specific triggers. Keep in mind that how you present your network marketing opportunity and/or product will determine your conversion rate (the percentage of prospects who become customers and/or recruits) - and even a small improvement in your conversion rate can make a HUGE difference to your income in the long run.
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How to Recruit MLM Big Dogs

MLM Big DogsAfter years of receiving calls from network marketing reps - always wanting to recruit me, it's time I show you the right way to recruit MLM Big Dogs (like me) into your MLM opportunity and explode your team. While most network marketers won't even think about recruiting one of the MLM Big Dogs, for various reasons, the benefits of adding just ONE professional person to your team can be enormous.
Casmire Okafor - MLM Coach In Nigeria

5 Powerful MLM Recruiting Secrets To Explode Your Team

MLM Recruiting SecretsMLM recruiting is hard for most people - that's why a few people actually achieve any real success in network marketing. However, a simple change in mindset will make the world of difference in your MLM recruiting efforts: You want the BEST people for your business.