Why You Need a Flexible MLM Business System

mlm business systemHaving a flexible MLM business system is very important if you want to hit it big in the industry. Many network marketers fail to accept that they are running a business. As such, they have no MLM business system in place, and simply "do things". Sadly, this is the reason why so many people don't make it in the industry. As a wise man once said: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail".
Old School MLM Opportunity

5 Reasons why You Should NOT Join an Old School MLM Opportunity

old school mlmPeople promoting old school MLM opportunities will tell you that success in network marketing comes from selling a good product at a good price, and from good old fashioned hard work. Unfortunately, it's just not that simple... Allow me to explain: Firstly, an "old school" MLM opportunity is one that doesn't provide you with online tools for promoting and recruiting.
Casmire Okafor - MLM Coach In Nigeria

What You Can Do Differently About Your MLM Business in 2017

mlm business in 2017They say that if you keep doing the same things, you can expect the same results. In order to grow your MLM business in 2017, you may need to make some changes... Regardless of where you are at in your MLM career, there is always room for improvement. In some cases, those improvements can involve drastic changes, and in other cases it may simply be a case of honing your existing skills, and transferring more of those skills to your team members.
Casmire Okafor - MLM Coach In Nigeria

How to Become a Network Marketing Authority

network-marketing-authorityHow do you become a network marketing authority? Most people would think that it will require years and years of experience, and building a massive passive income over the space of many years. The reality, though, is quite different from that... Whether you are viewed as a network marketing authority or not, will depend not on what you have achieved, but on how other people view you. It's all about perceptions.
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Doing Network Marketing Business Online – The 7 Benefits

network marketing business onlineIs it time to take your network marketing business online? Well, if you are tired of being turned down by friends, family, and people you are trying to canvas, you might be pleasantly surprised by the scope of possibilities the internet presents. Many network marketing companies and upline will actually tell you to sit down and make a list of everyone you know during training.
Casmire Okafor - MLM Coach In Nigeria

Using an MLM Replicated Website – Good or Bad?

MLM replicated website.jpgMLM replicated website, what is it - you may ask? It's a website you get to promote your business online when you join an MLM opportunity or become affiliate.  When someone joins your team, they also receive their own personalized website from the company. The replicating URL is like "www.YourMLMOpportunityName.com/userid"