bad mlm prospectsBad MLM prospects! We all get them. The people who just keep throwing up excuses, or keep on taking up more and more of your time. The people who pretend to know more about your business than you do – yet they don’t do any business. The “pain-in-the-neck” prospect. How do you handle them? Well, firstly you have to think of what you do in terms of “effort versus reward”. Note that I don’t say “effort versus new recruits”, or “efforts versus signups” – because “effort versus reward” means exactly that: How much MONEY you are making from every hour you spend. Fair enough, it is difficult to calculate – but you will soon see which of your new recruits are going to make you money, and which of them are simply bad MLM prospects. Secondly, you have to consider that you are building a BUSINESS. Your downline, or at least your direct referrals, will be your business partners. What type of business partner would the prospect be? Would he or she be someone who is constantly draining your time and motivation, expecting you to get behind them and push every day before they do anything? Think of it this way: If this wasn’t a network marketing business, and you paid a lot of money for your business, would you be more selective when choosing your partners? Of course you would. A bad partner would hold you back, and possibly even destroy your business. The fact that you pay less to start a network marketing business doesn’t mean that a bad MLM prospect (who joins and then becomes a bad partner) will cost you any less money. All the time you have to spend on them to keep them working, or just to get them to work, could have been spent on recruiting other people with more potential – people who would be able to make YOU much more money. Think about it – even if the wasted time could have been used to recruit just ONE decent referral who goes on and works the system to build a decent downline, that one referral which you lost could have been worth tens of thousands of dollars. The bottom line is that, if you are struggling to get through to bad MLM prospects, the problem lies not with how you did the presentation – but the problem lies with THEM. He or she is not a person who is able or willing to try to grasp your vision and your determination to be successful. If they join, they will still be the same person. You will still have the same problem. In all likelihood, you will end up doing a lot of hard work to try and motivate them into action – and eventually they will still quit on you. All the time and effort you spent will have been lost.

So – how do you deal with bad MLM prospects?

You walk away. Sometimes it is better NOT to have someone as a downline member – no matter how desperate you are to get a signup. Instead, move on and search for people who have a strong motive to want to succeed. Their “why” must be strong enough to keep them going. If they want success badly enough, all you have to do is guide them in the right direction. You are better off with three good people on your MLM team than with ten mediocre ones. So instead of trying to recruit everybody, use prospecting as a sorting process. It’s your business. Pick the best. And let the bad MLM prospects go.  

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