Dino Nedelko is a highly capable network marketer. As a Double Diamond distributor for Rain international, he has a proven track record. But who and what is he really?

A background in business:

Dino’s wasn’t always a network marketer – and his experience in business proved to be invaluable once he moved into network marketing. His earlier experience in retail management taught him about working with people – both those on his team and his customers.

He later moved on into IT and then into marketing services – which allowed him to learn about lead generation, dealing with clients, and offering professional support. As a business owner, he also learned about creating his own wealth, and being responsible for his own income.

This experience contributed to him bursting onto the MLM scene, and moving more than $200,000 worth of product in his first two months in network marketing.

He learned from the best:

Dino Nedelko spent a small fortune – literally – on MLM training. As a businessman, he knew that his success in network marketing would depend on what he knew about the business, so he chose to learn from people like Eric Worre (and other seven figure earners).

He combined that which he learned, and his own experience of business and people, to create an effective system for sponsoring new reps. He knew that, in order to make it big in network marketing, he would have to not only build a team, but he would have to build a team of leaders.

He set out to do exactly that – and his team now includes Diamonds- and other Elite distributors. As such, his team comprises more than 54,000 people, spread out over 40 countries.

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Considering these figures, Dino Nedelk is a great person to have in your upline – even if not directly.

Dino Nedelko made a strategic choice

Dino Nedelko lives in Slovenia. While its economy is in a much better state than it was a decade ago, it still didn’t offer him the potential for growth which he wanted.

As such, he looked at the list of countries where Rain International operates, and set out to select one which has great growth potential. It had to be a country where the economy was strong enough to allow for good market penetration, and huge potential for his downline.

After all, MLM is an international business model – so he could build his business anywhere he chose to.

He chose Nigeria. Nigeria is one of Africa’s top two economies, with a relatively large population. There are also many, many people in Nigeria who are willing to work hard to create a better life from themselves – and all of those factors combined made it the perfect choice.

Today, 90% of his team’s monthly sales volume originates from Nigeria.

In conclusion:

In network marketing, much of your success – or failure – depends on the quality and commitment of the people in your upline. Even if your direct upline is less than spectacular, but someone higher up is willing to offer support and training, you can do very well for yourself.

There are many examples in MLM where real leaders have put recruiting- and training systems in place for their entire downlines – and everybody in their downlines can benefit from it.

And THAT is why I chose to join under Dino Nedelko – because I know that being on his team will vastly improve the chances of success for every single person in my own Rain International downline

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