network marketing business onlineIs it time to take your network marketing business online? Well, if you are tired of being turned down by friends, family, and people you are trying to canvas, you might be pleasantly surprised by the scope of possibilities the internet presents.

Many network marketing companies and upline will actually tell you to sit down and make a list of everyone you know during training.

Their reasoning is that, because the people you will be talking to are familiar, it will be easier.

What they do not tell you, however, is that most of your “prospects” will end up feeling uncomfortable around you, and start avoiding you.

Your efforts to follow up – as you will also be trained to do – will alienate them even further.

Most newcomers to the industry end up with a lot of tension from family and friends, and no or very few sales to show for it.

In addition to that, even most of then who joined end up disillusioned, and they walk away from the industry altogether.

That is sad, because it is a well known mathematical fact that the network marketing industry provides the easiest way for someone to come from nowhere, even without any school qualification, and achieve massive success in life.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones who tried and failed or you are tired of chasing friends and family, take your network marketing business online.

Note: If you want to go into building a network marketing business online, do it differently.

Going online carries a lot of benefits

Below are the…

Top 7 Benefits Of Doing Network Marketing Business Online

1. If you happen to be living in a small town, or do not have many friends or family, it doesn’t matter.

2. If you are not attractive or do not possess flashy clothing to impress people, it is not a problem.

3. The number of prospects is astronomical.

4. You can automate some parts of your business (like the follow-up) and thus accomplish more in the same time.

5. You can recruit people from other countries, and see your business growing in those countries.

6. Once you master a basic set of skills, it is just a matter of wash, rinse and repeat. There is no need to continuously come up with new ideas because people in your town all know what you do anyway.

7. If you find it awkward being in the company of strangers, especially if they look at you in a critical manner, it doesn’t matter.

The list goes on.

Take note again, though, that taking your network marketing business online is not going to result in instant riches.

You will have to start from scratch, and you will have to build bit by bit to establish yourself online.

In order to do that, the easiest way is to combine a blog with a few well chosen social profiles.

A blog on your own domain name is your own, and you can use it to establish your credibility doing network marketing business online.

Nobody can take it away from you, and nobody can tell you what you may write or advertise on it or not.

If people ever get tired of places like Facebook or Twitter, or if their rules change and make it impossible for you to do prospecting there, your MLM blog will still be there, and attract visitors from Google and other search engines.

In addition to that, your blog is the perfect instrument for gathering leads.

Instead of you having to chase after prospects, all you do is to place your writings in front of other people.

Those who are interested in what you do will contact you, and you can follow up from there.

On your blog, you can also set up a system to automate follow-up responses, which will free up more time to focus on more important things.

Lastly – if you work offline, your results stop as soon as you stop contacting people.

However, if you choose to take your network marketing business online, your blog and the social posts you put out will continue to attract people through Google when you go on vacation or while you are ill and in bed.

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