follow up email autoresponderMost network marketers in Nigeria and across the glob have no idea how much they would sponsor more downlines improve their revenue by using a follow up email autoresponder. Once you start using it, however, you will never know how you got by without it.

Follow Up Email Autoresponder What Is It?

An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it.

At on What Are The Benefits Of Using An Autoresponder Explains: Autoresponders enable you to collect information from website visitors with a simple online form, then send them targeted content via email. By filling out the online form, your visitors “opt in” to receive your content. Once they hit Submit, the automatic follow up emails autoresponder you set up are sent immediately, welcoming them to the site and linking them to previous content. With this explanation, I’m sure you know what follow up email autoresponder is.

To help you see how follow up email outoresponder can increase your network marketing income, let’s apply some common sense:

For example, when you talk to any professional salesperson, chances are that he or she will ask for your contact details. The reason may vary with the sales pitch – but the attempt to get your details is still there.


Because being able to keep in touch allows the salesperson more chances to present his or her offer to you – and increase the probability of making a sale. The more regular the contact, the easier to “wear down your resistance” – until you eventually give in and buy the item.

If the salesperson did not ask for your contact details, he or she would have no additional chances to try and sell to you – and as a result, there would be a lot less sales made for the month. When it comes to larger purchases, most people take some time to think it over – and do not buy on impulse.

On the internet, you use a follow up email autoresponder to keep in touch with clients and/or prospects. It is a lot cheaper than making phone calls, it is a lot less time consuming, and it can all be automated.

Many people with impression that people act differently when they are surfing the internet. They may behave differently – but when they have to take any action (buying, filling out a form, etc), the response is in line with what they would do offline.

The average customer needs to be exposed five to seven times to your offer before buying.

If you do not use follow up email autoresponder to keep in touch, you will be losing the majority of sales you should have been able to make. To make it worse, you will have no chance to offer any additional or alternative products to the prospect.

Bottom line…

To massively build your network marketing business online and increase your income, use Follow up Email Autoresponder.

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