forever living productsHe claimed that “Forever Living In Nigeria Is Dead”

Who was that?

It was someone who wanted to pull me over to his network marketing opportunity- he thought he was talking to a FLP distributor.

That discussion inspired me to embark on a research that led to this Forever Living Review

The truth is, Forever Living in Nigeria is NOT dead.


If you’re searching for an honest no-hype review of Forever Living Products or FLP opportunity then you are at the right blog.

I will expose you to what you need to know about Forever Living Products, at the end you will know whether it’s the right fit for you.

As a network marketing trainer and researcher I spend most of my time researching various MLM companies, compensation plans and  marketing ssystems. Yes, “tell me your network marketing opportunity and I will provide you with an honest review”

This review of the Forever Living Products opportunity is meant to be objective, and not intended to be a sales pitch or a biased glorification to get you to sign up.

Please Note: I am not in any way involved in the Forever Living Products opportunity.

In my research on most MLM opportunities, there are a number of things that stand out about FLP opportunity, including the following:

 The Forever Living as a Company

As you may know from my involvement with GNLD network marketing, I am not a fan of “the latest thing”.

Many people love to promote new things, always offering “ground floor opportunities”.I don’t – it took me a number of years to establish myself as a leading network marketing trainer in Nigeria, and I have no intention of going down in flames with a new company who could not make it. It would cost me my downlines, friendships and connections – none of which I am willing to lose.

In my research, I found it reassuring to learn that Forever Living Products was founded in 1978. It has withstood the test of many economic downturns, and survived to this day.This is – to me – an indication of a combination of a sound business model, a sensible pricing structure, good and well priced products, and good management.

If any of these were not done well, any of the economic turbulence throughout the last third of a century could have sent it down in flames. Instead, Forever Living brand is still going strong, and is trusted by millions of network marketers all over the world.

The FLP Products –

In order for any MLM venture to be successful, the value of their products or services has to exceed the actual opportunity cost.

In short: If the products are not good enough – at their retail price – to buy without any thought being given to the opportunity, then the whole opportunity is a house of cards which can come down at any given time.

The fact of the matter is that, if tough times come along, people start cutting on luxuries and over-priced products.

As such, the people on “ground level” who just came into the company will then have difficulty getting new clients, and start dropping off – and the whole structure starts coming apart like a house of cards in the wind.

The Forever Living products range was developed around the natural healing and medicinal properties of aloe vera – which has been known to mankind for many years, but the range is probably the widest of its kind, including everything from weight management products to cosmetics, and in various forms (granted, not everything is based on aloe vera – some of it is based on bee hive and other natural ingredients).

The great thing about the Forever Living Products range is that it is all commonplace, everyday products – meaning it is comprised of things which average people use regularly (the Forever Living products just provides better results and value than most others).

Combine this with the fact that these are all consumable products, most of which are used on an ongoing basis, and you have the perfect product range for long term repeat customers.

The quality and efficiency of Forever Living Products are well known, and have been proven over and over again over the course of the past three decades. The long term success of many multi level marketers who got involved is proof of this.

FLP – The Opportunity and Compensation Plan

The forever living network marketing provides different levels of opportunity, making it accessible for just about anyone.

If you happen to be starting out with very little cash flow on hand, you can simply start out as a wholesale customer, and make a good profit on what you buy.

This step costs nothing in terms of fees, both for start-up and annually. You can use this to save up some money to get your starter kit, which makes you eligible to recruit others, and earn bonuses on the total product volume consumed and sold by your team and yourself.

Something else worth noting in this Forever Living review, is the fact that once you achieved a specific bonus percentage level, you keep that level for life – regardless of what may happen in the future. There are, as expected, multiple bonus types available to be earned, making it a very lucrative opportunity indeed.

Forever Living Review In Conclusion

As stated before, I hope to keep this Forever Living review as objective as possible. However, there is a lot of positive tings going for the company and the opportunity, and not much against it.

As you may very well expect, I did a huge amount of research before I decided to write about this Forever Living review. I have learnt over a number of years what works and what does not, so I needed to be sure that I was doing the right thing, and not posting something on my blog that would destroy my heard earned reputation and credibility.

The Forever Living opportunity has everything it takes – from a good product line at good prices, to a good, sensible compensation plan and business structure.

And judging by the sheer volume of sales spread out over 115 countries, and the given age of the company, what they are doing is working. Period.

Here is my recommendation… before you join any network marketing opporyunity not just Forever Living business alone, be sure to connect with a good sponsor. Learn first hand what’s involved and best marketing methods that will guarantee your network marketing success.

Now, it’s your turn. What other things or whatsoever do you know the Forever Living opportunity has that aren’t included in this review? Your comment please. And if you like this post share it with your friends.

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