Frazer Brookes has been producing a lot of content around social media for network marketing…

Should this MLM coach be on your radar?

Let’s take a look at what he brings to the table, and then you can decide for yourself:

1. What does Frazer Brookes do which is different?

In the past, most NWM coaches (and even people teaching affiliate marketing and blogging) taught their students to “stay on topic” when it comes to social media posts. Be the go-to person for whatever you are putting out content for, but keep your personal life and -interests out of it.

Frazer says NO. Do the opposite. And he has a good point…

Social media is about having fun. The only people going to social media to buy something are those who go to browse the classified ads groups. People want to view (and share) pictures, videos, and their thoughts, and hopefully have a laugh in the process.

As such, he suggests that you should post about whatever interests you as a person, and not just as a business person. Fair enough, you will mix some of your content into it – but his point (and it is a good one) is that people need to connect with you on a personal level first.

When people connect with you as a person, not only will they be more likely to respond to your content, but they will also be more likely to engage through comments, shares and likes.

In short, they will engage with your content not only because it is good, but because they know you as a person/friend, and real friends (not just Facebook “profile friends”) are more likely to support you in whatever you do.


2. What does Frazer Brookes teach that is tried and tested?

When you look at the social profiles of new network marketers, you will find they tend to post direct links to products. In fact, it happens so much that, from time to time, Facebook blocks outgoing links to specific domains.

For more than a decade, professional online marketers (not just MLM people) have worked to build relationships first before asking for the sale. Frazer also believes that too.

He also believes in providing value before asking for the sale – which is also a tried and tested concept. But he takes it one step further – he provides value before he even asks to connect, or ask for an optin.


3. What are the key principles of what he teaches about social media for network marketing?

Firstly, it is about being an interesting and “fun” person. If you have an interest in say, food, or cars, then post about those. Your friends/connections who share your interests will engage with it.

Then, in between, offer “value posts” relating to the products your sell. These could be blog posts, videos, slide shows, live streams, etc. Think in terms of reviews, or even product demonstrations.     

At the end of the content, offer an optin freebie. From there you can automate the follow-up.

So – at this point in time…

(…of your contact with the prospect)

You have (a) connected with people based on shared interests, (b) provided value, and then (c) offered even more value in exchange for an email address. 

At this point, your prospect is much, much more likely to trust any recommendation that you make, partly because of the connection, and partly because of the urge to reciprocate.


In conclusion

At the end of the day, the principles that Frazer Brookes is teaching about social media for network marketing are not new. They are based on the old approach of getting people to know, like and trust you – before you ask for the sale.


HOW he does it, however, is notably different. How you position yourself as a friend first, and your product or opportunity as “just something you do” later on, makes absolute sense.

Knowing what we know now about social media users, his methods are in keeping with the times.

So, to come back to the original question, about whether Frazer’s methods for using social media in network marketing works…

The answer is yes. Absolutely.

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