gnld network marketingThis GNLD network marketing review is based on my personal experience with Golden Neo Life Diamite, which I have been using and promoting for quite some time now in Nigeria. It was an good experience for me.

By reading this GNLD network marketing review you will have full insight about the GNLD opportunity, core business values, its compensation plan and Lifestyle events and- find out whether it’s right for you.

While most consider it to be “old school”, it does in fact bring some benefits to the table:

GNLD network marketing has been around for more than 55 years. As such, it has stood the test of time, survived many different economical storms, gone through many economical and market changes, survived. Coming out to be one of the strongest in terms of corporate management in the network marketing industry.

Any company that can survive this long has a solid, proven business model, efficient management, and honest business ethics and values. If not, GNLD network marketing company would have gone down the drain like many others.

These very economical storms that were outlasted by the GNLD network marketing, were responsible for the downfall of many other companies over the years.

Even some companies who seem to survived are existing just by name – 90% of their members are no longer actively building the business .

Recessions and economic turmoil came and went over many decades. These are the true tests of the quality and sustainability of any business, not just in the network marketing industry but in other industries as well.

Many network marketers underestimate the value of a stable network marketing company – but just think about it:

What would you do if you worked for five years to build a huge network team and income, and the MLM company collapses?

You could go from earning a huge income to Nothing – in a very short space of time – forcing  you to rebuild your life from scratch.

Remember that one of the foremost benefits of network marketing is residual income you never have to start all over again.

This is why you don’t want to be involved in a new start-up company.

But, does that mean all start-up opportunities are going to fail? NO.

The big question is, how can you know a good start-up mlm company with profitable marketing plan, well structured to stick around and earn you money quickly and fer into the future? You wouldn’t know, because you’re a novice in the industry.

Let’s examine GNLD Network Marketing Products

In any form of marketing, there are a few basic criteria that separates great MLM markets from mediocre ones…

First, ask the question “is it something that everybody needs?” The products offered by GNLD network marketing are everyday products, same as those used by most people all over the world on a daily basis. As such, the market potential is huge.

Secondly, ask  the question “is it something that can be consumed, and requires replacement?” In the case of GNLD network marketing products, this is absolutely true. Consumption is the driving force behind her success over the years.

Lastly, ask the question “does it need to be replaced regularly?” The more regularly the product needs to be replaced, the more opportunities the supplier has to make money.

In the case of GNLD network marketing, all the products are consumables.This fact guarantees sustainability

When you combine these three factors, it is easy to see why GNLD network marketing  has stick around for many years.

By supplying to everyday demands, GNLD was able to do business in the worst of economical times, because people would buy similar products anyway!

The company was built on a real and huge demand, and the  numbers behind that demand has given it the potential to grow to levels that most other companies can only dream of.

In fact, when you look at the product range, you will see that just about everyone you meet is a potential client – and any client is a potential distributor.

Additionally, “Golden Products” from GNLD network marketing has been a household name for decades – not only because of the network marketing strategies the company applied, but also due to the unique quality of their products.

Who are behind the GNLD’s products?

The Scientific Adversary Board (SAB) Behind The GNLD Network Marketing Products

The scientific adversary board is the body that regulates all GNLD network marketing products, ensuring purity and potency.

The SAB seal on the products confirms that all Golden Noe Life Diamite products are based in nature and backed by science.There is a quality control system that ensures  products safety and freshness from farm to  table.

In many countries where it is sold, you will find that, even people who do not currently use these products will tell you about it’s exceptional quality.

GNLD Network Marketing Compensation Plan

If you start doing research on MLM reviews, GNLD network marketing is quite different form most other companies in one respect: The GNLD network marketing compensation plan.

Many other network marketing companies work on huge profit margins – simply because their potential market may seem smaller.

In fact, there are companies out there who boast that they pay out 80% of product sales prices as commissions…

Keep in mind that they still have to create and stock the product (manufacturing costs, warehousing staff, logistics costs), and that they still have to pay their staff and management.

When all of this is taken into account, you probably end up paying a lot more than the product it actually worth.

The GNLD network marketing compensation plan is not based on high profit margins. I thing it is based on keeping products priced at competitive prices, allowing you to build up a stream of regular consumers.

In fact, you are likely to find that you will be selling more to the general public than you sell to your recruits.

Because of the nature of the pricing structure, more people are buying products from GNLD network marketing, so your income is driven by numbers and not profit margins.This ultimately gives you a higher turnover translating into higher profits.

On the one hand it might sound as though you will have to work harder for your money (but it’s not, due to higher sales), but in actual fact it means that your customers will stay around for longer, even when times get tough because the products are reliable.

The GNLD network marketing compensation plan provides the best possible balance between commissions and affordability.

This, combined with the market out there, means that it provides you with an opportunity to generate some good income if you are willing to keep working at it.

With Gnld’s compensation your income is commensurate to your efforts, you will eventually see your business picking up, and from there it can grow big.

GNLD Network Marketing – Support And Training

This is a part not often mentioned in any MLM or network marketing review.

GNLD network marketing, however, provides great support for you. You have the unmatched support of the sales and marketing team giving you all the support you can ever imagine. You have access to lifestyle magazines, product flyers, seminars and rallies.

Besides your sponsor being there for you, there are also regular group sessions where people share their ideas, successes and challenges, as well as regular meetings on different levels.

Some of these are gathering thousands of distributors at a time..

Lifestyle Event For GNLD Network Marketing Distributors

GNLD’s distributors enjoy all expenses paid trips every year. The higher your status the more you qualify.

GNLD network marketing rewards all hardworking distributors with mouthwatering monetary incentives every year in addition to their monthly bonus cheques.

GNLD network marketing review, conclusion:
Should you dive in to the GNLD network marketing opportunity? Well that is up to you.
In my opinion and personal experience with the caompany, if you are looking for a great MLM or network marketing company with generous pay-plan, I would not recommend GNLD. Because as your team grows, GNLD requires that you have 4000qv ($4000 volume monthly) before you van earn from your leaders. If you can’t generate 4000qv you loose all the volume you have generated from your team for that month.