grow an mlm business fastWhen you want to grow an MLM business fast, especially if you want to grow it faster than your upline, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1. Network marketing success is about numbers. Unfortunately, most people think it’s about the number of recruits.

It’s not. It’s about the numbers on your commission cheque. Contrary to what most people believe, these two are not necessarily related.

Allow me to explain…

You can recruit ten people, of which only one ends up being active. Or you can recruit three people, but all three of them work hard, and make you good money.

Which of those two options do you think would result in a better number on your commission cheque?

Think of it this way:

Network marketing is a business – just like any other. You can compare your personal referrals as “the key personnel” in your organisation. If your business was a physical business, and you had to pay a set salary, would you allow just anyone to work for you, or would you pick the best that you can?

Well, in network marketing, you may not be paying a set salary – but you will be putting your TIME (which is also limited) into your team. Pick the right people – people who have potential, and who have the right mindset. You can teach them the necessary skills, and help them to develop their (and your) income.

And then

teach them to do the same. While most other people will be focusing on recruiting as many people as possible, you will be looking to recruit and develop the right people – people who WILL make you money. Don’t worry if you don’t recruit people fast enough to your liking. Focus on the quality.

Note: You will also attract some people who don’t really want to work (especially if you focus on online marketing) – but focus most of your efforts (for recruiting and for helping & teaching) on the people who really want to make money.

As long as you focus on the outcome, and not the number of referrals, you will be able to grow an MLM business fast. In most cases, you’ll be building your network marketing income faster than your upline is building his or hers.

2. Become the sponsor that you never had. That was, in fact, the title of an ebook by James Grandstaff – written more than a decade ago.

Think logically: In order to become successful, what was it that you needed to learn? Which skills did you have to acquire along the way? How did you stay motivated?

Fair enough, some people are fortunate enough to have great sponsors, but most people have mediocre sponsors, or sponsors that are too busy to pay attention to their downlines (because they have too many referrals).

Be the person who helps new referrals to acquire all the skills, and motivates them, and makes it possible for them to be successful. Always remember that network marketing is a TEAM business, and every team is only as successful as the combined results of the members.

Not only should the members of your team make you money, but they should also be helping their recruits to make money. The approach to handing down the mentorship for success from one generation (downline level) to the next should be a culture in your team.

If you do this, you may have a smaller team in terms of the number of people, but due to the number of successful team members, you will be able to grow an MLM business fast.

3. Keep learning, and keep teaching. There is an old expression that “the only constant thing in life is change”. Things are always changing. You need to learn as much as you can, and put as much of your new knowledge into practice in your network marketing business.

As you acquire new skills, and test them, you can then teach them to your downline members, which will in turn make YOU more money.

Always remember that, the better you equip your team for achieving success, the easier it will be for them to attract high quality referrals. The more you an learn, and then teach to your team, the better everyone becomes, and the more money everyone makes.

Lastly, always keep this in mind:

Erric Worre, in his book “Go pro”, states that, after a year, you will see that most of your business comes from (an average of) two people in your team.


Shouldn’t you be recruiting more people like “those two”?

If most of your income will be coming from two people (if you, for instance, have 20 people on your team), would it not be much easier to just have four people, but ALL of them are making you good money?

After all, if you only have to take care of four people (just an example figure), you can do much more for them than if you had to take care of 20 people. You can help them to learn and grow, and become successful – but they have to be the right people.

And that’s how you grow an MLM business fast. 

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