By reading this article, you will learn three things you can do to rank advance in network marketing faster. You are about to discover the secret of top earners, and what you can do from now to quickly add some PV to your team performance, which will allow you to achieve rank advance faster than you thought possible. Read on…

Building your business to rank advance in network marketing faster (than your current advancement rate) is the key to exploding your MLM business.


Allow me to explain…


On any given level in any MLM business, there is only so much money to be made. Yes, as your downline grows, you eventually move up from one rank to the next, but for most people it comes painstakingly slow.


Ironically, network marketing is the one industry where achieving rank advancement faster is easier than any other. A better rank means higher commission levels, better discounts, and bigger bonuses. Surely that should be motivation enough for everybody in the system to work harder on moving up the ranks?




The sad truth is that most people don’t know how to speed up their advancement in the company. They think that by simply putting in more hours, their downlines and their income will grow faster. While there is some truth to that, there is also the fact that it can be done faster – a lot faster if you know how. 


As the old saying goes…


“Don’t work harder, work smarter.”


There Are Three Things You Can Do to Rank Advance In Network Marketing Faster


  1. Watch how you apply your time and effort 


Fair enough, you are probably setting aside a set amount of time every day to spend on your network marketing business. If you are reading this, you are probably someone who takes his or her business seriously, and you are putting in the hours to make it happen.




It has been proven over and over again that – among business people – 20% of what you do brings in 80% of the money.


You may want to read that line again. The implications are enormous.

20% of what you do brings in 80% of the money


If 20% of what you do brings in 80% of what you earn, it means that you can make a huge difference to your income by adding say, spending just 5% more of your time in a more efficient way.


What are the things you are spending your time on? And which of those things are making you money? Fair enough, helping a new recruit to get up to speed will bring you more money. But how much of your time – for instance – do you spend helping your downline to become successful? And how much time do you spend on helping the successful ones to make even more money?


If they make more money, you make more money. But if you really, really look at how you spend your time on your network marketing business, how much of that time can be spent more efficiently?


Note: Eric Worre, MLM legend, said that “in 5 years from now, you will find that 80% of your income comes from the downlines of just a few of the people you recruited.”


When you look at it like that, it makes sense to spend more time where it will make you the most money. It is not to say that you should neglect other people in your downline – but balance your time in such a way that you focus your attention on the people (and activities) that put the most money in your pocket.


  1. Rank advance in network marking faster by knowing where you are, and where you want to go:


Most people building a network marketing business just keep working at it. The only measurement they look at is the size of their commission payments…


In any business that is being run professionally, management will do assessments from time to time. They will examine exactly where they are, and how they got there. What worked, and what didn’t? Then they will look at where they want to be in a year, two years, and five years from now.


And then they will figure out how to get there.


As a distributor, it is relatively simple to do the assessment and this will help you rank advance in network marketing faster

What have you been doing up to now? Which of those activities have resulted in success? Do you need to remove some of the less fruitful activities, and explore alternatives? Which of the people in your downline are doing well, and which are not?


For instance: If you have a few people on your team who are good at closing MLM prospects, you could consider hosting an event where they attend (physical or virtual), and they can follow up with the attendees. If you find your blog is doing well, you could look at adding a mailing list with a follow-up sequence. Instead of doing one-on-one sessions with new recruits, you could do their training via Zoom – where everyone can still ask questions, but you lead the conversation. 


But the key is to know where you are right now, and where you want to be. From there it is simply a matter of working out the best way to get there.


  1. Rank advance in network marketing by mining your downline for gold – literally:


This is what I personally do to end every single month as strong as I can, and it helped me to rank advance faster every single time…


The first three weeks of the month are spent on recruiting, and getting those recruits up and running. Those three weeks are spent on bringing more people into your MLM business, and giving them the best possible chance of success.


The last week of the month is spent on your existing downline…


Allow me to explain:

Rank Advance In Network Marketing By Identifying Those People Who Are Close to Their Next Level 

Once again, it ties in with (2) above – knowing where you’re at. Look at the performance of your downline – who are the ones who are close to rank advancement? Many people don’t even realise how close they are to making the next rank – so they don’t put in that little bit of extra effort.


Identify those people who are close to their next level – and see how you can motivate (or help) them to get there. After all, when they achieve rank advance faster, both of you will make more money (whether you advance or not).


Depending on the person, and the shortfall of Points Volume needed, it may be a simple matter of them placing additional orders for product, which will then take them to the next level/rank. The alternative is – if the person is unable to afford the outlay at present – to help them to sign up one more recruit.


In fact, depending on where you are at in your MLM career, you could even consider hosting an event where you do the presentation, and they (downline members close to rank advancement) follow up with the prospects.


When you start mining your downline, you will find that – especially if it has a reasonable number of members – you will be able to quickly add some PV to your team performance, which will allow you to achieve rank advance in network marketing faster than you thought possible.


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