MLM Big DogsAfter years of calls from network marketing reps – always wanting to recruit me, it’s time I show you the right way to recruit MLM Big Dogs (like me) into your MLM opportunity and explode your team. While most network marketers won’t even think about recruiting one of the MLM Big Dogs, for various reasons, the benefits of adding just ONE professional person to your team can be enormous. In most cases, network marketers tend to think that recruiting above their level of personal success is a waste of time, and others simply feel intimidated by the stature of the person they would have liked to approach. The reality is this: 1. Although your chances of adding MLM big dogs or professionals to your team are slim, the potential benefits you stand to gain from it are staggering. Those benefits include not only the recruiting capabilities of the professional, but also the knowledge, experience, mentoring and input he or she can bring to the team. Their value will show in THEIR downlines. 2. Don’t try to “sell your opportunity” to them. The person you will be talking to is probably a much more experienced sales person than you. Just put the information on the table, and let them make the choice.

Ready to recruit MLM Big Dogs?

Firstly, don’t focus on the outcome of the meeting or conversation. If you appear anxious or pushy, chances are that he or she will back out and turn down the proposal – and you won’t have a chance to follow up. Go into the meeting with the intent of establishing whether they are open to discuss and/or consider your offer, and not to “sell” or “close the deal”. Keep in mind that he or she is already seriously committed to at least one opportunity, and has been working at it hard for some time. Asking them to take on something else is a big decision for them. In order to get an opportunity to present your offer, ask only for their opinion, in a short period of time. You could ask for a 5-minute phone call or Skype session, or, depending on your (and his or her) location, you could ask to meet one on one. This will show them that you value their time, and that will start you off on the right foot (meeting for a meal demands more time, and you don’t know how busy he or she may be). It is, however, important that you do establish personal contact, and not send him or her to a link on the web – again, this enforces their perception that you do respect them. In addition to that, let them choose the time and the setting (one on on, Skype, or phone call). Don’t try to push any emotional buttons when talking to MLM big dogs – yeah, the person you will be talking to knows them all, and may resent it. Instead, first put it on the table as something you want their opinion about. If the opinion is positive, you could ask if it is something they would consider getting into. If not, you could ask if they may be able to recommend anyone else who might be interested in [name the key benefits of] your opportunity. Keep in mind that you may not get your answer immediately – due to the scale on which your prospect does business. And even if you don’t get a positive outcome, you might still find that some MLM big dogs may even send you a few people who dont want to join THEIR opportunity. At the very least, if you do it right, you will have made a new MLM business connection which may be of value to you in the future.    

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