internet businessThere are many possible threats when doing business online – but there are 5 Things that can KILL Your Internet Business unless you find a way to deal with them…

1. Technological and technical challenges:

If you buy a car, you simply want to drive it – but when you start an internet business, you want to learn to do everything yourself…


In most cases, it is due to lack of funds, or simply not knowing that help is available out there. You can hire web designers or blog setup service, software developers and even writers at a low cost. Regardless of the reason, however, the bottom line is that doing everything yourself takes a lot of time, effort and learning.

For most people, it either means not being able to accomplish specific tasks, or that they simply give up along the way. The rest just become so caught up in “trying to figure out the next thing” that their internet businesses never get up to speed.

2. Information overload:

This is probably the single biggest destroyer of internet businesses. Imagine deciding you want to get a degree, and you simply walk into a huge library, not knowing where to start or which books to read…

Trying to decipher the internet is much the same. Every book you read might be a part of a different system, or a piece of a different puzzle – and you have no way of knowing which is which.

3. No system:

Doing something at home without having a systematical approach is one thing. Trying to attack internet business with out having a planned system is something totally different…

Especially when you consider the sheer volume of information and advice out there – and then you still have to take into account that much of that so-called “advice” is from people who are still trying to learn the basics themselves.

You will simply end up doing a bunch of random things, not really knowing of any of them is helping your project in any way, and if all of them are really adding to the total value of your internet business.

4. A lack of action:

Yes – the old old story – but it is still surprisingly true. However, what most people fail to realize is that their lack of action is not really their fault. After all, they have become lost in the internet jungle, and information overload has paralyzed them…

And once you are paralyzed, it is difficult to get started again – even if you are presented with a good system . After all, the business system you are offered is simply even more information, adding an additional burden on your weary brain.

5. Poor conversion rates:

Most people don’t ever realize this – but poorly converting products has killed more internet businesses, and broken the spirit of more online marketers than anything else.

Let’s face it – nothing is more heartbreaking that working your herd to send visitors to a sales page, and nothing happens…

Or you put in countless hours of work just to make one sale, only to calculate you have been paid few cents per hour for all your hard work…

This is the kind of thing that makes people walk away screaming “SCAM”, causing them to (justifiably) be skeptical about everything they encounter online afterwards.

Bottom line – if it does not convert, it is not worth your effort. If you wanted to work your way for a meager salary, you would not have turned to the internet for a new career.

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