internet marketing - CopyWhile internet marketing remains a lucrative business model, there are few factors making it increasingly difficult to achieve results from scratch…

So what exactly is the problem with internet marketing?

Well, everything is getting crowded…

1. Your mailbox is getting more and more hectic:

A few years ago, it was as easy as pie to get someone to sign up to your mailing list. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult – simply because there are too many people doing internet marketing.

To top it all, all those emails make it less and less likely that your email will be read, or responded to.

Not to mention the fact that any prospect only has so much money to go around…

Social networks are getting filled up with marketers:

With Google becoming more and more difficult to get ranked in, more and more people are turning to social media, gathering more and more friends and followers. As such, instead of being surrounded with prospects, you are surrounded with people who think YOU are a prospect…

Salespeople trying to sell to salespeople….:)

 The web is getting filled up with content:

Every Tom, Dick and Harry, as well as their grandma and little nephew has resorted to building internet marketing websites. As such, Google is constantly upping the proverbial bar – just to determine who goes on top…

And there are still only 10 spots on the first page.

Sure, more and more people are searching using long tail keywords, and more and more different key phrases are being used. But the new content is added at such an alarming rate that the supply has outgrown the demand…

So what’s left?

If you are just getting started online, there’s still chances to have you own share of the internet marketing wealth.

Internet Marketing Problem – What’s The Solution

There are 3 basic solution:

1. Be remarkable – Provide real value to your target market. Yes, if you can do something better, or of a very high quality, other people will acknowledge it, and come flocking.

2. Use viral marketing – and use the people you market to as a springboard to reach more people.

3 Persistence – the Key to Internet Marketing Success

Most people are under the misconception that internet marketing success comes from “being fortunate”, or “being in the right place at the right time”. Yes and no…

Yes – some people can be fortunate. But those are very few and very far between. In reality, though, new businesses are started up every day – and while some fail, some do make it through…

Because of the owner’s persistence…

Remember this; as they are building internet marketing websites every day, most of its owners close down after few months. As such, by sticking around with your internet marketing business – you’re eventually gaining trust in your niche.

You see, internet marketing success comes from simply doing what works – and repeating it over and over again.

Keep in mind:

Google rewards you for persistent attention to your internet marketing site or blog.

By being persistent, you project an impression of stability – which helps with your branding.

By being persistent, you steadily keep growing your virtual real estate – and no matter what anyone might say…

Internet Marketing – CONTENT IS (STILL) KING

Be persistent in what you do – whether it is internet marketing or offline marketing. Henry Ford became a huge success – because he was persistent through all his ups and downs.

Thomas Edison gave us a light bulb – because he was persistent enough NOT to give up (he apparently had a few thousand failures before he got one to work…

Think logically – if you keep on growing consistently, and keep creating content, backlinks and social connections, it HAS to start bearing fruit eventually. The smarter you work in your internet marketing, the sooner it will be – but it HAS to come around eventually.

Just keep at it. Remember – every time you start again with something new or internet marketing you start again from square one…

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