mlm lead generation systemMLM lead generation system! We all need some type for online recruiting. As the market becomes more and more competitive, we have to improve and adapt to the demands of the day. Unfortunately, what we see as an improvement often becomes a distraction, and ends up costing more money than it generates. Allow me to explain: The concept of a funded proposal has been around for some time now (making a small amount of money from a larger percentage of prospects, allowing you to keep building your list and recruit more people). However, during the past few years even this market has become highly competitive. When I say competitive, I mean that the possibilities for funded proposal lead generation systems have become better and better, providing more and more value for the money. Unfortunately, while the value has increased exponentially, the prices have also seen some increases. A few years ago you would sell something like “Instant Leads and Income” for $10. It was cheap and easy to sell, but it didn’t offer a lot. You received a rotator, a few downloads, and the right to re-sell the system. Today you would be looking at lead generation systems like MLSP. It includes a massive amount of value in terms of content, training, landing pages and funnels, but it has a price tag starting at roughly $50, going up to $150 per month. As such, it has become harder to sell, meaning that a lot more effort goes into making a sale than the cheaper options we knew a few years ago. In addition to that, MLSP has a complex compensation plan, with commissions increasing along with your sales figures. You end up chasing targets, just as you are always chasing targets in your MLM program. Unfortunately, when you are chasing more than one target at the same time, your efforts are diluted. As your efforts are diluted, so are the results. Attracting prospects for your primary opportunity is hard enough – you don’t want to place any additional pressure on yourself by adding something else that is hard to promote. If you add anything else to your portfolio, it should be easier to promote, not harder. This is exactly why I ended up using Online Sales Pro as my MLM lead generation system

OSP – My Best MLM Lead Generation System

Firstly, it is priced about 25% lower than MLSP – which places it within reach of more people. Fair enough, it may lack a few of the advanced features of MLSP, but would you ever really need any of those? The additional features that do matter are only available in the $150 option, which is in a whole new price bracket. At $37 per month, OSP gives you what you need and more. Secondly, Online Sales Pro is all about ease of use and simplicity. The creators of OSP understand that an MLM lead generation system should save you time, and not demand more of it. As such, everything is quick and easy to use. Even the suggested traffic system is easy to implement. Lastly, even the commission structure is simple. You get $20 per month per active referral. Online Sales Pro isn’t trying to be a stand-alone opportunity. It is designed to be MLM lead generation system and to compliment your online marketing – making things easier. Instead of distracting your focus from your primary opportunity, it is simply a tool that happens to make you money while you use it.
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