magnetic-sponsoringThe Magnetic Sponsoring course by Mike Dillard – an objective review of a network marketing classic, and an extremely interesting piece of work for those looking to improve their recruitment success. Who is Mike Dillard? Well, Mike Dillard used to be a struggling network marketer. He found that he lacked the ability to physically track down prospects, and sway their opinions. Instead of giving up, though, he decided to find out what he was doing wrong, and what he could do to make it better. Digging deep into the psychology of buying, he discovered certain patterns that can be applied as leverage. It worked. In fact, it worked so well that he decided to create the course and share it with the network marketing world. It took the industry by storm, and helped many people – who were unable to achieve results before – to become successful. What is it about? Magnetic Sponsoring is a journey into strategy, rather than a list of tactics. Or in more simple terms, it is more about HOW to do things, than WHAT to do in the first place. It goes from the assumption that you have to offer value first, helping people to solve problems, and providing answers to their questions. It does, however, go further to teach how you can “place solutions where people can find them” – since people are always looking for information online (although those tactics will constantly change as the web evolves). By providing answers to people’s questions, you immediately establish a small amount of trust. As such, some of these people are then inclined to find out more about you, and since they value the information you gave them, they are more willing to connect with you, placing you in a position to lead them into your network marketing opportunity. While it does provide some basic “what to do” information, the course is more about what makes people buy. It is about the psychological triggers that make us want to buy, and how you can manipulate these triggers to your advantage. What does it mean for YOU? Magnetic Sponsoring can, if applied correctly, help you to turn prospecting on this head, and have your leads connecting with YOU, and not the other way around. This is ideal for people who feel they are not particularly dynamic, or good at selling, and people who feel they are just not “people persons”. The bottom line of this Magnetic Sponsoring review: This is definitely a course that every network marketer should study (Magnetic Sponsoring is sold on Amazon). While it is not the ONLY piece you need to study, it will definitely add a new dimension to your approach to prospecting and recruitment.

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