make-money-onlineThe internet is becoming saturated with people who teach you to “ make money online ”. Is it the ultimate pyramid scheme? Let’s take a good look…

As an internet network marketer, my inbox is constantly flooded. I keep signing up to new lists, always looking out for new bits of information which I can put to use. But the kind of lists I am regularly unsubscribing from is the ones that simply keep pimping programs for making money online…

You see, what happens is this:

Average Joe wants to make money online – like so many others. He starts looking around, and eventually starts buying a product or two. He works his butt of, and gets nowhere…

So he buys another product, and another, and another…

Until he maxes out his card.

And then he sees this program offered by a well known marketer, and signs up. And what does he find?

The “easiest” way to make money online is to “sell the dream” to newbies.


Joe learns that the money is in the list. He sets up an autoresponder, rehashes some PLR material, and chucks up a squeeze page.

He starts getting signups, builds his list, and starts making some sales.

Did he make money online?

HE DID IT !!!!!!!

He finally succeeded in making money from the ultimate pyramid scheme…

There is no real value in what he is selling. He is only “selling the dream”.

His clients are people just like he was a short while ago.

Now they are working traffic exchanges, safelists, list builders…

Selling WHAT?

An opportunity to do the same and get paid for it.

In other words, how to sell to suckers, and teach them to sell to other suckers…

You see, if you want to be successful, you need to sell people what they WANT.

They WANT to live the dream.

It’s sooo easy.

That’s why so many people are doing it.

But there is NO real value in what they offer their clients – not in my opinion.

Unless, of course, like REAL internet marketing teachers, they teach you how to make money in ANY niche – and even advise you to steer clear of teaching internet marketing until you made your money elsewhere.


How do you know the difference?


Will the “knowledge” you pay for work in any niche, or just for internet marketing? If it is the latter, then what’s the use? What did you really learn, except how to “take candy from babies?”

You sell knowledge…

teaching how to sell knowledge….

teaching how to sell knowledge…


And it is only useful for replicating itself.

Yes, teaching how to make money online is the ultimate pyramid scheme.

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