make money using the internetYou want to make money using the internet? That’s a smart idea. The world has turned to a global village, with the internet you can advertise to thousands of  people working from home, on a daily basis here in Nigerian. In fact, this days the internet has become the in-thing.

Many people who want to make money using the internet have no idea of how and where to get started. By reading this post, you will  learn three main ways to make money using the internet, as such you will be able to live the lifestyle of your dreams. Therefore, let the explanation begins… There are so many ways to make money using the internet but all of them can be grouped under three main categories which are: selling your own products, rendering services to customers, and selling other peoples products.   Most big time heavy hitters you hear of today are making their money online using one or more of the three categories mentioned above. By focusing your efforts on one of these three categories, you’ll be better able to direct your effort and be sure of having a good  start online.

#1. How To Make Money Using The Internet – Selling other peoples products 

If you want to make money using the internet by selling other peoples products, you’ll want to find good affiliate products to promote. Many affiliates product have a ready-to-go lead capture page you can start using right away. There are virtually no production costs. The product is already developed and proven by the merchant, and all you have to do is get the right to resell from the merchant. You will need to develop some good marketing strategies and find as many prospects as you can that are willing to buy the products. You will in turn earn commissions from the merchant.  This is one of the most effective ways for many start-ups, because you do not have to develop the products yourself.

#2. Rendering Services From Home To Make Money Using The Internet   

Many people make money using the internet as freelance writers, website designers, e.t.c. You see, I know of many people in Nigeria who make money working from home, and they do this by rendering services to people online. The question, is what skill do you have that people are looking for? Learn how to offer your skill as services to potential buyer using the internet. The point here is: there are many ways to render services and make money using the internet right here in Nigeria.

#3. How To Make Money Using The Internet  Selling Your own products

Do you have physical products or information products in digital form? If not, focus on producing your own info product so that you can sell it to a group of people who are seriously looking for a “How-To” manual. “If you already have a physical product, in this case you may also want to use the internet to generate customers to your offline business” As you plan to make money using the internet with your own product, you want to talk about a niche that is under served by other internet marketers who are your competitors right now – find area where there is little competition that you can dominate.  But what is niche? It is a group of market on which a specific product or service is focusing. “A niche can thus help you to set yourself apart from  competition, create  loyal audience and  profit from a under served or ‘undiscovered’ subset of the market. Online marketing in particular has become overcrowded within the major niches, so finding less competitive or even ‘undiscovered’ niches is really the key to success.” -Dee Kumar. To learn how to Find undeserved niches Ideas, read it her >> Finding Niche Ideas – 5 Ways To Generate Ideas After you have identified your target market, their pain and the problem they are trying to solve, then you will need to create a solution, which is your product. Once you have your product at hand, you are half way to make money using the internet. Whether you want to make money using the internet by selling your own or other peoples products or rendering services, you will need to setup a blog to for your business. You must have a blog to use as your point of contact where you can brand yourself and build trust.  People want to see your face, follow you online for a while (with buying anything first from you) and can trust you, if not, your potential customers would not take your recommendations.     Setup your own blog and make money using the internet by getting access to this blog setup program

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