Want to market your MLM blmarket your mlm blogog – very important! In part 7 of the MLM blog training, we talked about creating your MLM blog content – but what good is your great content if nobody comes around to read it? Though even if you don’t do much to market your mlm blog as a beginner, sure, Google will be sending you some visitors, but for the first few months, that will only be drips and drabs… Now, what should you do to get lots of people visiting your NEW MLM blog? Here’s the concept to market your MLM blog – you plus your MLM blog on social media doing it. How it all comes together – how you benefit in more ways than one 1. Firstly, market your mlm blog by building the brand of YOU: In network marketing, people connect with people. People join on the advice of people. As such, get your face out there (with your message attached as you market your MLM blog). The reason why you need to market yourself is simple – once people start trusting you, and relating to you as a person, you can promote a stuff any time, and still get better results. Become a person that people will take advice from – it will take time – but once you get there, you will have incredible leverage. As you market your MLM blog, remember that your blog is an extension of YOU – and not the other way round. 2. Market your MLM Blog Doing it Social Media: Create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Every time you make a blog post, post it to all of your profiles. But don’t stop there – become active on the social networks. No need to spend hours there every day – just enough so that people can see that YOU take notice of THEM, and so they will start taking notice of YOUR posts as well. Become part of the conversation – even if the conversation is not always about your business. Social networking is about making friends, and connecting with people. Connect with enough people, and you will inevitably get more leads. Spend one hour per day on the social networks – or as much time as you can spare – but always make your LAST post about your business. That way, anyone visiting your profile will always see exactly what you are doing. If you can spare the time, also become involved on the forums related to network marketing. Remember, you do not need to make posts and contribute value right from the start – you can just ask intelligent questions here and there, and others who had the same questions in their minds will be thankful for it. 3. How it all comes together: Why should you bother to use social media to market your MLM blog? Simple. Every time that you post something about your MLM blog on the networks, you create a back-link to your blog… BUT – and this is where most people miss the point – the more you are active on the social network, the more VALUE Google attaches to that backlink. So as you stay active on a number of networks, being part of the conversation while slowly making more and more connections, you will eventually be seen as an authority by Google. When that happens, you will be seeing a steady stream of visitors to your MLM blog every day. Lastly – install Google analytics. Just go to google.com/analytics, and sign in with your gmail account info. There is no need to add the code to the theme header as they say – just put it in a text widget in the footer. Google analytics will not show all of your visitors (people with adblock will not register) – but in your statistics you will be able to see who came from where, but more importantly, which pages they visited. Use that information to create more content about what people really want to read or view. I’m sure you now know how to market your MLM blog. In the next post, we will be taking your MLM blog to the next level – literally.

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