monWhen marketing your MLM opportunity, you may want to consider marketing yourself as well in the process. It might sound senseless to the uninitiated, but there is method in the business… Most people getting into network marketing simply want to start working on getting referrals. They start promoting the opportunity in different places, and simply push the actual opportunity as hard as they can – sometimes to the point of being spammy. Fair enough, at this point they are excited and enthusiastic about it, and they just want to get downlines. On the other hand, if you combine marketing your MLM opportunity with marketing or branding yourself, the whole picture changes…. Unlike some gurus believe, you do not need to position yourself as a leader. You do, however,  when marketing your MLM opportunity you have to establish yourself as a solid, trustworthy person, and do a few things that will start compounding in your favour. Here is the POINT: People buy from businesses and people they trust. If your prospects feel they can’t trust you, you will NOT convert many of them to customers. Trust is not generated overnight, but earned over time. One of the most effective method to market yourself while marketing your MLM opportunity is by doing something as simple as starting a blog on network marketing, you can start building your credibility. Combine this with a growing social presence, and you have a steadily growing platform from which to market whatever opportunity you want to. When people come to your Network Marketing blog, or look at your Facebook page, and see that you have been doing the same thing for a while (regularly), it becomes easier for them to acknowledge your credibility and consider your offer seriously. If at any given point you want to just add a new offer to your portfolio, you don’t have to start again from scratch – because you will still have the platform you have been working on from the start. And if you want to add or change something else again in a year or so down the line, your platform will be even bigger and more credible by then… Just like a business that already established itself, and now simply wants to add a new product. So – marketing yourself while marketing your MLM opportunity will place you in a position where you can stay connected with people you market to – even if they do not buy from you immediately. Many of these people will watch from the sideline – and see you grow as a network marketer. When they are ready, you will still be there to help them come on board. Question: Now, what should you do when marketing your mlm opportunity? Your opportunity or yourself? You already know the answer.   Recommendation: Want your own Network Marketing blog? Use this Blog Setup Service.

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