mlm blog contentCreating MLM blog content – YES, you can do it! By now you would have your MLM blog set up and all the plugins installed, and you have probably chosen a theme that suits you. The BIG question now is, how do you create MLM blog content? In this part 7 of MLM Blog Training, you will learn how to consistently create quality MLM blog content that attract readers – after all, content makes the internet go round… Why do we talk about your “MLM blog content” and not about “posting”? Well, maybe because not all MLM blog content needs to be your own. Yes, a good portion of it will have to be your own, otherwise Google will not take you seriously – but there are a few things you can do to create or improve blog posts without writing it yourself. But first watch this video that shows you how to create a new blog post:

How do you now write quality MLM blog content without being an expert (yet)? Simple. You go to the blogs and online articles of experts, and you get your information there. Go to, and do a search for articles on MLM and/or network marketing. Open the interesting ones in new tabs in your browser, and see which ones have a good number of views (a hundred or more). Rewrite it in your own words – completely. Yes, you can just copy and paste the article – but then Google will see it is “duplicate content”, so you do not want to do that. Also, in order to legally use the article (as it is) you need to add the author’s links at the bottom – and that means you will be sending some visitors away from your MLM blog. Not a good idea. Try to keep your MLM blog content at least 500 words long. Anything shorter does not really bring across the impression of quality. Lastly, go from the approach of “I will always be learning – but I will share what I learn along the way”.

MLM Blog Content – How To Get Additional Ideas Tor Topics

If you do not have a gmail account, create one. Then go to Here you can set up alerts to be notified when Google picks up anything new on a topic or keyword you specify. What you want, is to know the questions that people ask on MLM forums and on social groups – and be notified of it. Type in “MLM forum”, and create your first alert. Be sure to specify you want ALL the results, delivered ONCE per day only. Repeat this for “MLM group Facebook”, and other terms that applies to your situation. For instance, if you promote GNLD network marketing, you would add an alert for “GNLD forum”. Most of it will be useless, but in between you will see legitimate questions which you can then answer.

How To Create MLM Blog Content Without Writing

There are a few ways of creating valuable MLM blog contents or posts without writing. Keep in mind that, if done wrong, Google will not give you any credit for these, and if you just “copy and paste” too many (too high percentage of your total MLM blog content), Google could lower your rankings. However, these posts could still bring you traffic through social channels, and can still provide value to your visitors. 1. Youtube videos. Under any video, go to “share” – and then to “embed”. You will get a piece of code, with a few options. Choose a width that suits your blog width, and be sure to select that you DO NOT want any related videos to be shown at the end. In the new MLM blog content you want to create, go to text/html mode (next to “visual”, top right hand corner of the writing box), and simply paste the code. Publish and see how it looks. If it is too narrow or too wide, go back to the video, and modify the width of the video for the code snippet, and repeat. 2. MLM blog content – using Slide shows. Go to – and do a search (like you did on From there you can simply copy the embed code and add the slideshow to your blog post. 3. Infographics – these are a great way to add value to your MLM blog. They can be about MLM, about blogging, about social media, about people’s incomes, etc. NOTE: Always try to write something before and after the copied content – even if it is just a hundred words in total. That way, Google will still attach SOME value to it. 4. Curation – the concept of curation revolves around adding small extracts from other peoples’ content. Legally, you then have to link back to the source (the page where you got it). Here’s how you can use it: a. Find a number of blog posts and/or news articles about the topic you planned. b. Write an introduction and conclusion/ending (like you would write something before and after a video or infographic). In the middle, paste these snippets. c. However, to link to the source, put in a link to the name  of the source. For instance: “Mr X says” “blah blah blah….. quoted text” In visual (posting) mode, highlight the name, and click on “add link” (chain icon). In the popup box, add the link to the source page. Be sure to check the box that says “open link in a new window” – that way, even if your visitor chooses to visit the source, he or she will still have your blog open. In conclusion: There is more to “blogging” than “just blogging“. It is a journey of learning and sharing, eventually positioning yourself as an expert in the process. Don’t worry, by the time other people start seeing you as an expert, you will have learnt enough to be one. Every time you write MLM blog content, or watch a video you want to embed, you will learn something. It all ads up – just like the commissions from a downline that slowly keeps on growing. Just be consistent. If you choose to blog every day, then do it every day. If you choose to blog only once per week, then do it once EVERY week. Consistency builds trust. In the next part of the MLM blog training article -part 8, we will be talking about marketing your MLM blog.  

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