mlm blog instllation.pngIt’s time for your MLM Blog installation! In this part 5, you will learn: how to set domain name servers, wait for propagation,  installation, settings – choices, theme flexible and responsive. Plus installation video walk-through included. In part 4 of the MLM blog training, we talked about getting a domain and hosting. Now it is time to get that domain connected to name servers for your MLM blog installation, and to get everything up and running… But wait a minute, why Network Marketing Blog? Read >>Should You Need A Network Marketing Blog 

MLM Blog Installation – Connecting your domain server. How?

Firstly, you will have to set the DNS (domain name servers) at Godaddy. This is an instruction for the system to connect with a specific server at a specific hosting company (Hostgator if you followed my recommendation). Just log into your Godaddy account, and select “launch” next to “domains”. On the next page, select the checkbox next to your domain name. This will enable a series of options on the menu above the domain name. Pick “set nameservers”. In a new tab, log into your Hostgator cpanel – in the left sidebar, some way down, you will see your nameservers. Copy and paste these into the provided space at Godaddy, and hit “save”. You will now have to wait for the nameservers to propagate – this could take anything from less than an hour to 48 hours, depending on where you are in the world. Secondly, once your domain has propagated, you can now begin your MLM blog installation. Once again, log into your hosting cpanel. Haven’t read part 4 yet? Read it here: How To register a Good MLM Domain Name

MLM Blog Installation Video

Towards the bottom, you will find an icon for setting up WordPress – here is a video that explains it clearly: Once you finished your MLM blog installation, you will see the login link for your new blog – add that link to your browser bookmarks for your convenience, and log in.

Selecting your Theme After MLM Blog Installation

There are a few things you will have to attend to, starting with a theme (template). Go to appearance – themes, and then click on “add new”. NOTE: You are free to use any theme you like, but personally I prefer theme that allow you a lot of different options, and that also allow you to place widgets (for ads or optin forms) in many different places. Personally I use Flexibility theme (not in the WordPress database – you can get it here: ) but there are others you can also consider, like the Weaver Theme. As you progress, you can experiment with the appearance settings – both these themes have loads of adjustment to make your blog unique. If it seems confusing, just have a look on youtube for information about the theme you want to use. If it still seems confusing, use a simpler theme for now. You can change it at any time. Just make sure that whatever theme you choose is “responsive” – so that it adapts for mobile devices without making the text too small to read.
MLM Blog Installation – General Setting
Next, there are a few settings you need to take care of: 1. Go to “settings – general”. Here you can change the title and tagline (description) of your site. You can also change the language if you decide not to blog in English. 2. Go to “settings – permalinks” – and change it to “post name”. 3. Go to the posts and pages, and delete the sample post and sample page. 4. Go to “appearance – widgets” – drag and drop the following into the main/top sidebar: Recent posts, categories, archives. That’s it in this MLM Blog installation part. Refinements can come later, but for now you are good to go. In the next post we will deal with plugins and their settings.    

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