planThere is an expression that says: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Your MLM blog project is no different from any other big undertaking. You need to have plans and back-up plans…

1. Plan your time:

This is where most people make their mistake. They over-commit themselves, pushing themselves for hours per day. If you don’t work it’s fine, but if you have a day time job or a family to take care of, this might not be indefinitely sustainable.

Accept the fact that, no matter how enthusiastic you are right now, there will be days when you ma not feel up to it. So – ask yourself what is the minimum time you are willing to commit to every day, even on days you do not feel like it.

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2. Plan your MLM blog content.

It is not possible to plan your exact content/blog posts far ahead – but it is possible to decide which direction you want to take, and to stick to the plan. For instance – you may decide that you want to balance information on network marketing, getting traffic, industry news, product- and company reviews, and your personal opinions.

Or you may choose to write only about getting leads, motivation, and the opportunities you are involved with. It can change over time, but don’t change back and forth all the time. Keep in mind that, if you keep doing the same thing, people see you as being consistent – which is a trait of trustworthy people.

3. Plan your promotion.

Promoting your MLM blog is crucial. If you don’t do it, it will take a LOT more work in terms of generating content before you start getting meaningful numbers of visitors from Google. Plan some time for it. Ideally, you should be putting a lot more effort into promoting than the effort you put into creating content.

The reason for this is that every bit of promotion you do for a blog post will also be a link back to your site – and those links add up until Google starts taking you seriously – while generating bits of traffic for you in the meantime. So – budget ample time for promotion on forums, social groups, etc.

4. Plan for the unexpected.

Life happens. The unexpected happens. People fall ill, others have to work overtime, others are caught up in family emergencies…

Always have an extra blog post or two saved as drafts. If you are not able to work on your MLM blog on any day when you would have published a blog post, you can just schedule the post to be published at a time that suits you. There are even ways in which you can distribute extracts from that blog post to a number of social networks – but we will get to that in the future.

For now, go get some paper and a pen.

In the next post we will be talking about getting the right domain and hosting for your network marketing blog

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