plugins-for-mlm-blogOk, so now you have your MLM blog set up (part 5), and you want to add some plugins for functionality.

There are literally thousands  of free ones to choose from (and a load more paid or premium ones), but there is one thing you have to keep in mind:

The more plugins you use, the slower your blog will load – because of all the scripts that have to load to make things happen behind the scenes.

And a slow loading blog not only causes visitors to leave, it also causes Google to consider your MLM blog as being inferior – penalising you with poor search results rankings.

As such, there are just a few basic plugins you should have, and maybe two or three more of your personal choice. After that, you run the risk of your new network marketing blog not being as snappy and impressive as you want it to be.

Go to “plugins – add new”, and search for what you want. Once you find it, simply click on install, and activate. Some of them have settings you need to attend to.

Here’s a video that shows you how to install plugins:

Top 9 Essential Plugins You MUST Have:

1. A plugin for SEO, or search engine optimisation. For now, just install the “all in one SEO pack”. Leave all the default settings as they are. All you need to do is to add your MLM blog title and description (this one is for Google, and shows in the coding of your blog).

2. XML sitemaps Plugin – install Google XML sitemaps, and activate. All you need to change in the settings is (further down) the frequency Google must check the posts – make sure it is set to “daily”. The rest is fine as it is.

3. Anti-spam Plugin – just type in “spam”, and pick any of the top, 5-star rated plugins. Activate and leave as it is.

4. Image widget Plugin – this makes it simple and easy to add images to any widget without having the code for it. It also allows you to change the size of the image as you want it. Just install and activate – no settings involved. The widget will become visible on the widgets page. You can add more than one if you need it.

5. Contact form Plugin – just search for “contact form” – the easiest plugin is called “contact form” (created by BestWebSoft). Just install it, and place the code snippet into the page you want to use as a contact page. No settings needed. When someone sends a message, it will be sent to the “admin” email address you entered upon installation. You can change that email address under “users – your profile” if you ever need to.

6. Social sharing Plugin – I recommend you use “Sharexy”. It is updated regularly and very flexible. You can choose button design, which buttons to show, and where they must be displayed. Settings – set it to ONLY display at the bottom of full posts (not on top, and not on extracts/summaries.

7. If you chose to use the Weaver theme, you will have to install “weaver theme extras” in order to access all of the theme functions.

8. Disable comments – the plugin “disable comments” will allow you to disable comments where you don’t want them – like for instance on pages (like your “contact me” page, your “about me” page, etc. You can also consider disabling comments while your blog is still new, or if you simply do not want them.

9. Stealth Login Page – this plugin adds another password (authorisation code) to your login page. It provides protection against “brute force” hackers (they use software that simply try out one password after the other – and if you have two different passwords, it becomes virtually impossible to break it that way).

You will need to set the auth code, and the page the visitor is redirected to if it is filled out incorrectly. Then you can enable it – just be careful not to enable it (not activating – enabling is a setting on the plugin page) before you added the code (second password) – or you will not be able to log in.

NOTE: If you do make that mistake, and you can’t log in to your mlm blog, go to your cpanel – and halfway down you will see the “file manager” – go there. Then go to “wp-content”, then go to “plugins”, and delete the “stealth login page” plugin. Then you will be able to log in again.

In the next post  in the MLM blog training we will be talking about creating content. 

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